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A Post-Mortem On Luna’s Downfall
Terra’s dependence on the Anchor protocol and the extreme amount of UST it contained were both tested. And Anchor failed the test.
Navigating The Blockchain Revolution
Blockchain is changing the way we do business. Blockchain technology reduces the cost of transactions, and boosts financial inclusion by allowing easy access to financial services.
What Makes Solana So Controversial
Solana's network offers compelling advantages, but controversy is bogging down the blockchain's once rapid rise.
Nike Is Dominating The World Cup - Here's Why
If Nike’s investment in their World Cup campaign is an indication of what we can expect from big organizations in the future - that’s something we can all cheer for.
Three Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Future Of IoT
The Internet of Things is a potential nirvana for managing all that we've accumulated. But is there a down side? I asked a group of IoT experts to give us a head’s up on the future.
Marketers Are Scrutinizing Snapchat Investments After Critical Report
I believe Snapchat has a unique opportunity to help marketers move the needle – but for now, that needle is stuck on empty. There are still several changes that must be made to the platform in order for it to be a viable marketing solution.
If You Think Amazon Sellers Are Making Money Now, Just Wait Until They Hit Their Prime
Something big is happening on Amazon (AMZN​) to the business of selling things. (Video Length: 00:55:36)
Biotech, Social Media And Profits: How The World's Best Is Doing It
How does the world’s most social Biotech investor use social media? “Anyone with a 1 to 2 percent information edge can significantly increase their profits,” Mark Schoenebaum said “but social media still has a lot more noise than valuable signal.”
5 Cutting Edge Tech Companies You Need To Know
Occasionally I come across start-ups and young companies that have shown us real, tangible value. Companies that have undergone a series of tests which pass our filters. We then like to reflect on the results, and report them here – to you.
Twitter Overtakes LinkedIn As Number 1 Social Media Site For Salespeople
According to the sales survey and research we conducted with a client, Twitter ranked slightly more valuable than LinkedIn when it came to sales prospecting .
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