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Mark is BlueBay's Chief Investment Officer. He has over 26 years' investment experience as a macro fixed income investor and has been a senior portfolio manager at BlueBay since he joined in August 2010. As a macro risk taker, Mark actively pursues an open dialogue with policy makers and ...more


How Much Has Really Changed In The Past Week?
Investors are looking at 2008 for clues, but the banking system is totally different in 2023. The ECB raised rates by 50bp this week and we expect the Fed to continue trying to restrain prices.
What Goes Up Must Come Down
We continue to observe how markets can act with a herding mindset. In this way, there may be cries of a soft landing in one moment, a no landing the next, and a hard landing shortly thereafter.
All Quiet (For Now) On The Western Front
Next week certainly looks to offer plenty for markets to get their teeth into. Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine has also seemed to drop off the front pages in recent weeks.
Will The Year Of The Rabbit Run Out Of Steam?
Credit spreads have rallied at the start of the year, with equities also posting positive returns. Better news on growth and inflation supports this price action. However, we would also note that there has been a strong desire to put cash to work.
BoJ Coming Under Pressure As Inflation Continues To Rise
Yields in Japan came under renewed upward pressure during the past week, as stronger Tokyo inflation data led to increased speculation of a further policy adjustment at next week’s Bank of Japan meeting.
‘Fat Bear Week’ Is Upon Us
Alaska’s giant grizzlies are in the limelight, but how far are the markets from a peak bear moment?




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