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Top 10 Big-Dividend Energy Stocks (6% To 14% Yields)
There are two big reasons energy stocks are down, and they are both creating some very attractive big-dividend investment opportunities.
Energy Transfer: Attractive 9.5% Yield, But Know The Big Risks
Energy Transfer’s EV/EBITDA is low, and its distribution yield is high, for the same reason—the company is risky (due largely to uncertainty about future EBITDA from high capex growth projects yet to come online, and due to its heavy debt load).
CBL's High-Yield Bonds Are Increasingly Attractive (6.1% Yield + Price Appreciation)
Every investor has their own unique needs and tolerance for risk, and no one has a working crystal ball. Nonetheless, by assembling a prudent mix of portfolio investments, every individual can increase their odds for success.
Simon’s Yield Above 5%: Safe Income Or Value Trap?
Simon Property Group is cheap. And it pays a big strong dividend. The question is whether the shares will get even cheaper, or if they have upside from here.
Digital Realty: Despite Fear Mongers, Dividend, Price Will Rise
We believe DLR's 3.4% dividend is safe and will grow, and its price will increase too. This article reviews four fears circling Digital Realty, and then highlights three reasons why we currently like it.
NRZ's 12.5% Yield: A Deeper Dive
New Residential is a real estate investment trust (REIT), and its big 12.5% dividend yield is viewed as a red flag by some investors, and as an attractive opportunity by others.
Frontier: High-Yield Bonds Vs. Stock Vs. Options
Frontier is a very risky investment. And investors should always cater their investment portfolios to meet their own personal investment needs and tolerance for risk.
100 High-Yield Stocks Down Big Last Week: These 10 Are Worth Considering
The combination of recent earnings announcements, rising interest rates, and declining energy prices has resulted in significant price declines for many high-yield REITs, BDCs and MLPs
Prospect Capital: Big Dividend, Big Risks
Prospect Capital (PSEC​) is an income-investor favorite because it offers an outsized 11.6% dividend yield, paid monthly. However, we believe Prospect is considerably less attractive than it was at this time last year.
This 9% Yield Real Estate CEF Is Attractive
Publicly traded real estate securities are an attractive contrarian play right now considering they’ve recently underperformed the market as measured by the real estate sector ETF (XLRE) versus the S&P 500.
EC Gilead Is A Hail Mary: 3 Better Stocks To Consider
We believe uncertainty and under-performance have created attractive opportunities for contrarian value-focused investors, such as the three opportunities described in this article.
Health Care Sector & Industry Rankings
As we approach the end of 2016, it's worth remembering that the worst performers this year are often the best performers next year, and vice-verse.
EC Microsoft: Trump’s Trade War Could End Badly
This article provides a brief review of Microsoft’s evolving business, several valuation metrics worth considering, and an overview of the potential impacts (positive and negative) of new policies that may come out of the Trump Administration.
Big Risks Facing The BDC Industry
Market conditions may be increasingly stacking against them, yet their prices have also outperformed since the election,
EC Saratoga CFO: Healthy Dividend, Lots Of Dry Powder
Over the last six years, Saratoga has evolved from a high risk company, to a relatively lower risk company with a healthy, growing dividend.
EC Omega Healthcare: Big Dividend, 3 Big Risks
Omega Healthcare Investors Is an attractive, big-dividend (8.5%), real estate investment trust. Omega has delivered poor performance so far this year because of macroeconomic headwinds that caused REITs to pullback.
1 to 16 of 78 Posts
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