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Malay Bansal is a capital markets professional with over 16 years of wide capital markets, commercial real estate, and structured finance experience.  He is a Managing Director at a New York based advisory firm working on structured finance, commercial real estate , clean energy, ... more


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EC One Lesson For Investors From Brexit And Trump Victory Missed By Most
One obvious point for investment managers to keep in mind is that those who dig into details, look for relevant data, and draw their own conclusions can still add significant value to the investment process.
Review Of Risk Transfer Efforts By Freddie And Fannie, And A New Approach
The Treasury and the FHFA have urged the GSEs to transfer mortgage default risk to private investors. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have engaged in various risk transfer transactions to accomplish that goal.
Using Information Momentum To Understand Markets & Economy
A simple concept that is useful in understanding some counter-intuitive phenomena in markets and economy, and looking ahead to the future.
Why Have U.S. Interest Rates Defied Expectations And What Lies Ahead?
The overlooked reason behind the U.S. Treasury yield’s seemingly irrational behavior.
What’s Ahead For US Interest Rates?
In early February, the U.S. Treasury made a statement that has not received much attention even though what it implies regarding their thoughts on the future demand for treasury securities (and hence yields) is very interesting.
What’s Ahead For CMBS & Commercial Real Estate In 2013?
Why did CMBS perform well in 2012 and what lies ahead.
How To Finance Infrastructure And Clean Energy Investments
Investments in clean energy and infrastructure projects can help address the unemployment problem and make American business more competitive. The challenge is financing these investments in the current environment.
Strategy For Tablets – What Would Steve Jobs Do At Microsoft?
Decision by Steve Jobs to step down has inspired tributes to him and speculations about the future of Apple without the iconic visionary at the helm.
Tackling The US Unemployment Problem-Infrastructure Investments Without Increasing Taxes Or Deficit
High unemployment is one of the most important issues the US economy is facing, and one of the most effective ways to tackle this problem is investments in productive infrastructure.
Two Points For Investors
Advice for investors based on a very telling chart.
What Do CMBS Spread Forecasts Say About Commercial Real Estate?
How CMBS is fairing in real estate market
Make Your Own Opinion About Commercial Real Estate
How Commercial Real Estate is fairing
1 to 12 of 12 Posts