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Alex Barrow spent over a decade working as a US Marine Scout Sniper and as an Intelligence Professional for the government where he specialized in covering the economic and political spheres of the Asian-Pacific region.

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Bitcoin’s Share Of Liquid Markets
In this week’s Dirty Dozen we look at bitcoin’s share of global liquid markets before diving into Q3 earnings season and consensus expectations. We then cover narrowing breadth, neutral positioning, steeping yield curves and small-caps, and more…
A Big Bullish Breakout In Bitcoin Beckons
The big picture technical setup in Bitcoin today reminds me of gold in the early Spring of last year.
DRAM & NAND: Betting On The Semiconductor Supercycle
If the world is a computer, storage and memory are the hydrogen and carbon molecules needed to sustain life. Because computers without memory are empty screens.
A Silver Miner Breaking Out Of A Huge Base
Small-caps are seeing incredible buying pressure as well with a 10%+ rally in under 2-weeks.
The Market’s Sleight Of Hand
The market is like a magician. It pulls your attention to one hand while stealing your watch with the other.
EC The Bond VIX Is At Record Lows
On the backdrop of rising political disunity, rebounding growth, improving COVID data, and high odds of a dem sweep, we find bond volatility at an all-time record low. 
Super Stock Case Study: Cintas Corp
Cintas is a boring business. But this boring business has returned over 1,000% for investors since 2009.
US Housing Market Is Extremely Tight
Home sales saw a record jump last month to new 14-year highs.
Small-Cap Value Set To Outperform
The last few weeks I’ve been noting the wide dispersion in extreme positioning amongst players in this market. Retail and small funds are extremely long while large institutions/hedge funds have missed out on the incredible rally.
EC Why Inflation Isn’t Coming
Instead of credit driving real growth or inflation, it inflates asset prices. This creates an increasingly financialized world where deflationary pressures are actually growing instead of diminishing.
Is This The Greatest Stock Market Rally Of All-Time?
With monetary policy tapped out across the developed world, fiscal is going to become a larger part of the economic equation.
How Wide Is The Equity Risk Premium?
We dive into the technicals and discuss why overbought usually becomes more overbought.
Is The Dollar About To Crash?
Looked at on a monthly basis the US Dollar is bouncing off the lower end of its 5-year long trading range. The Dollar Doom crowd might be getting a bit ahead of themselves.
Apple Is Over Four Standard Deviations Overbought!
We try to keep a finger on the pulse of the narrative and positioning machine that is the market. Both have been a strong tailwind for risk-assets these past few months, but no more. Sentiment and positioning are becoming substantial headwinds.
Lifetime Value & Customer Acquisition Cost: A Framework For Investing
Many investors think “software business” when they hear LTV and CAC. But these concepts translate across sectors and industries. Whether it’s a chemical plant or back-end accounting software company. The fundamentals don’t change.
Account Payable: What They Are & Why They Matter
A/P management is a great way to maintain high levels of cash flow. The less you have to pay out upfront, the better.
1 to 16 of 196 Posts
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