We develop intelligent, rule-based portfolio strategies for investors
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We develop intelligent, rule-based portfolio strategies for investors

Remove uncertainty about your investment strategy decisions and get superior returns with greater safety. Our quantitative portfolio strategies are ... more


Logical Invest Investment Outlook - July 2018
General investor sentiment is quite bearish. The most recent AAII Investor Sentiment survey shows only 28% of investors believe the markets will do well in the next 6 months, while 40% are bearish and 30% are neutral.
ZIV/MYRS – How To Go On After The Crash
This VIX Future spread price of -1.30$ is a very rare occasion. Normally the curve is in contango which means that the further out a VIX future is, the more expensive it is.
Logical Invest Investment Outlook - August 2017
The VIX index hit a record low on July 26th, falling temporarily to 8.84, a level last seen back in 1993. Moreover the index stayed under the 10 level for 10 consecutive days showing persistence.
Logical Invest Investment Outlook - July 2017
The U.S. Federal Reserve raised its benchmark federal-funds rate on June 15th by a quarter percentage point and hinted to further hikes. Individual investors remain skeptical of the bull market as the AAII survey shows 43.4% being neutral.
Logical Invest Investment Outlook - May 2017
As we are heading into early summer, most assets classes are performing well partly due to a weakening U.S. dollar. Domestic equity continues to reach new highs, foreign and emerging equity markets are up.
The Long-Short US Sector Rotation Strategy
The following paper will explain how to build a U.S. sector rotation strategy which allocates dynamically between 4 different long US sector rotation strategies and one short US sector rotation strategy.





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