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Leigh Drogen is the Founder and CEO of Estimize, the first open platform for financial estimates. Estimize is a diverse community of members from the top hedge funds and asset management firms, to independent analysts and ...more


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The Holiday Shopping Season Is Off To A Strong Start, But Is This Level Of Consumer Spending Sustainable?
A discussion about the most recent downturn in Bitcoin which was hovering around its peak last Thanksgiving, and everything around the holiday shopping season including early results from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Is The October Sell-Off Overdone, Or Indicative Of A Looming Bear Market?
A discussion on the sell-off in the equity markets as trade war fears escalate.
Areas Of Tech That Analysts Are Cautious On This Season
A discussion on the general sentiment around tech heading into Q3 earnings reports. Certain areas of cloud computing, semiconductors and enterprise tech still remain favorites.
What’s Pushing US Interest Rates Higher? Three Theories That Have Nothing To Do With Inflation
A discussion on why yields are going up, and it’s not due to higher inflation expectations. Why did Tether crash leading to an uptick in Bitcoin?
What To Expect For Q3 Retail Earnings
A discussion on the Q3 earnings season that is set to kick off with the banks this Friday.
Why This Earnings Season Isn’t That Great And Where To Go With The Energy Trade
A discussion on why Q1 earnings season isn’t getting the respect it deserves, and why a lot of that may have to do with the Q2 outlook.
Are There Any Good Buying Opportunities Still Left In Tech, Or In Any Industry For That Matter?
A review Q4 tech results, with small and mid cap enterprise tech still putting up the biggest beats and finally getting rewarded for it.
Why An Aging Millennial Population Means More Good Times Ahead For Home Improvement Retailers
A discussion on the final leg of Q4 earnings season with retail reports from the department stores and consumer electronics, and how home improvement retailers and home builders will fair as new home sales slump.
Where Do We Go From Here: Expectations For 2018
A discussion about the expectations for markets, the economy, tax reform, interest rates, earnings, and crypto in 2018.
The Biggest 2018 Public And Private Market Tech Trends
A review of the general performance of the tech sector in 2017 while making predictions for 2018.
Understanding The Bitcoin Phenomenon From The Perspective Of A Market Historian
How to think about cryptocurrencies as compared to other financial assets.
Retail Experts: The Strength Of Holiday Shopping And What It Says About The US Consumer
A discussion about the start of the holiday shopping season and the US consumer, as well as what corporate tax reform could mean for the industry.
Who Are The Winners And Losers In The Rapidly Changing Auto Industry?
The list includes auto names such as Fiat Chrysler, GM, Ford, Tesla, auto parts retailers such as Advance Auto Parts, Autozone, O’Reilly, as well as ride sharing services such as Uber, and the future for electric and autonomous driving vehicles.
Is There Anything In Retail That Can’t Be Amazonified?
A discussion about the disastrous department store results, where the bright spots in retail are, and why everything in the space can’t be “amazonified”.
With Tech Expected To Post The 2nd Largest Profit Growth Of All 10 Sectors In Q2, What Specific Industries Should You Be Focused On?
With tech stocks as the best performers of 2017 thus far, rising 17%, we take a look at upcoming tech earnings expectations in cybersecurity, fiberoptics, and semiconductors.
What In The World Is Going On In US Retail And Is There Any Safe Haven In The Space?
A discussion about the current state of US retailers, and how they expect certain companies such as Home Depot, TJX Companies, Urban Outfitters, Foot Locker, Limited Brands, Wal-Mart, Ralph Lauren, Gap and others to report this season.
1 to 16 of 59 Posts