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Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Portfolio, LLC.

Lee Munson, CFA, CFP is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Portfolio, LLC., an asset management firm based in Albuquerque, NM. Munson began his career in the 1990s as a trader on Wall Street then relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico where he served as VP of Schwab Private Client.


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First Fed Hike, Gold, Oil
Let's put it this way, the Nasdaq is like the Fed - it's got a lot of work to do. 
Are Rates Telling The Truth About The Spring Rotation?
Nobody wants to hear about how the size of Treasury issuance being below funding requirements distorts inflation expectation. Let's talk about it anyway.
The One Thing To Look At This Summer
It's pretty simple in my mind. Watch the 10 year Treasury closely this summer. Why?
Inflation, Gold, Small Value
Markets will humble you if you forget the golden rule that, it's not what you know that hurts you, but what you think you know and don't.
Markets: Watching And Buying
Everyone has a theory based on the past. And never have we been in the current situation of central bank money printing.
Market Overtime: How To Rebalance At All-Time Highs
You rebalance when the market tells you to rebalance - especially during corrections. If you get that organized, it's a lot easier to take profits when the markets hit new highs.
A Talk On TikTok
Are we really solving anything by forcing Oracle to buy TikTok, but allow the Chinese firm to remain majority owners?
Bank Stocks And The Fed
Bank stocks have outperformed the Nasdaq over the last month, so what is going on here?
Talks About The US Dollar
The big news this week is the US dollar hitting record lows not seen for several years. Why does this matter? It affects your portfolio.
Tech Hitting The Wall?
Will the recent rally in non-tech names hold, or are we back to tech up, everything else flat - it's relevant - markets are healthiest with a broader rally for the unloved.
Yet To Feel Coronavirus In America
The CDC says the coronavirus will spread so it's important to prepare our portfolios. Here's what I'm doing...
Day 3 Of Coronavirus Panic: Relaxed And Waiting
My main point was that you have to know what to buy, keep it simple and understand that a virus was coming in waves. Meaning, while China was slowly recovering, Italy was just starting.
Lee Munson And Ron Insana Talk Corona Meltdown On CNBC's PowerLunch
Lee Munson is back on CNBC's Power Lunch, discussing the huge one week selloff. He discusses his "buying this week for the usual 5 and 10% corrections. But, there are some big issues that are both rare and serious."
Talking Small Caps And REITs
Here's what I'm looking at during the coronavirus volatility. Also, what we are overweighting right now - small cap value and REITs have come alive after a few years of underperformance and our models suggest more exposure versus less.
My Bull Case For Gold
The highlights are my case for gold, a rally going into the end of the year - why a recession is possible later next year - and most importantly, what I'm telling clients to do with their money. If you want the real deal - this is it.
Explaining Coca Cola And XLP ETF
I breakdown the major components of XLP, the ETF that tracks consumer staples. While I don't buy individual stocks in general, it's still important to educate the public on what the sausage is made of.
1 to 16 of 45 Posts
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