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Off Topic - Family Health Issue

Date: Saturday, August 3, 2019 8:11 PM EDT

My goal here is to try and stay up with current events as much as possible to be able to report anything that might be important related to the theme of this blog. A health issue in my family may make this more difficult so I wanted to alert readers to that, if fewer articles are written in the coming weeks. 


My brother has now entered the more difficult phase of liver disease (non alcoholic related) where more serious symptoms can arise. Ultimately, he will need a liver transplant or some kind of new treatment (stem cell, etc) to resolve the problem. 


In recent weeks, he has been struggling with elevated levels of ammonia in his blood that cause significant mental confusion and disorientation when the levels get too high. This is a very unsettling situation because during these episodes he can lose complete mental cognition to the point where he does not know who even his close relatives are (this recently happened to me during one episode). I am learning that this is a common problem for people with liver disease, and that there is no real solution to the risk of the problem arising other than to take a medication designed to bind to the ammonia and get it out of his system. Everyone reacts differently to the medication such that on some days it works well and on other days it may not work as well. This creates an ongoing situation where at any time he can lose mental clarity and become disoriented. The problem can't be solved permanently unless he gets a liver transplant or some other treatment that can heal his liver (not a likely alternative at this time). This will require somewhat of a joint family effort to monitor him daily, help him go to doctor visits, and perform other activities. 


It's possible some readers may want to know if there is something they can do to help. The answer is yes. There are two possible ways to help which I will try to describe below:


1- Help us let people know there is a website where people can sign up to be a living liver donor here:

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