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I work as a quantitative researcher for family office, advisors and a global quantitative asset management firm. 

Small retail investors have a powerful edge as the most robust alpha in the market is found in small stocks. But not all small stocks - many are high risk money traps. ... more

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E What The Market Is Missing About Surge Holdings
Surge Holdings is rolling out to 40,000 stores in 2019. The value of their stock could increase from $60 million to possibly $3 billion if the market readily receives their products. But that's not the big opportunity here. The big opportunity is...
Surge Holdings: The Unknown Story Of High Potential Growth
Surge Holdings is rolling out their high-growth plan in 2019. They offer an ad-subsidized free cellular plan, a fin-tech replacement for a checking account and they have plans to roll-out in 40,000 stores this year.
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