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Kid Dynamite (pseudonym) spent 8 years as a trader at a major Wall Street investment bank. from June 1999 thru April 2005 he specialized in portfolio trading, and from May 2005 thru November 2007 he was the head trader for an ... more

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RumbleON – Disrupting The Online Used Motorcycle Market
Here is a long thesis for a microcap stock I am currently long: RumbleOn ($RMBL)
Green Mountain Coffee – The Most Non-Insider Trade In History
This morning, Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR) announced that they’re being acquired for $92/share in cash. Amazingly, their CEO, Brian Kelley, filed a form 4 on Friday evening. Let's take a deeper look.
Where Bloomberg Discovers That Large Orders Have Market Impact
The post struck a nerve with me because it portrays index funds as the victim of nefarious market evildoers like “hedge funds” and “Wall Street trading desks.” Reality is the opposite.
Fun With Canadian Retail Precious Metals Merger Arbitrage
The Sprott offer has some minimum requirements (2/3rds acceptance), and it’s a definite possibility that they won’t be able to get 2/3rds of GTU’s shareholders to realize that this is probably a good deal for them.
More Gold Manipulators Busted!
The CME finally stepped up and busted some of these gold manipulators in action.
Wynn Q1 2015 Earnings Call Tidbits
Steve Wynn was quite clear in his conservative outlook for both Macau and Las Vegas.
Closed End Fund Arbitrage And Hostile Takeovers
If I were a GTU shareholder, I’d be ecstatic about the Sprott Exchange offer’s preliminary details.
Kraft-Heinz: Is This Really A Buffett-Type Of Deal?
When I think of Warren Buffett, I think of a guy who likes to own stakes in iconic brands which throw off reliable amounts of cash flow.
Lumber Liquidators: Black And White
Lumber Liquidators’ product either conforms to CARB2 regulations or it doesn’t. It’s not something to debate: it’s a black and white issue.
Buffett Being Buffett – Highlights From Berkshire’s Shareholder Letter
Priceless and classic Buffett-isms, and some pages unlike anything published in any other SEC filing you’ll ever see.
Gaming Medicare
Under Medicare rules, there is only a narrow window of maximum profitability in caring for patients at long-term hospitals. This makes the system ripe for gaming.
Wynn Earnings Call Tidbits – Q4 2014
As regular readers know, I think Steve Wynn’s quarterly conference calls are a great way to get a candid look inside the mind of the best hospitality operator in the business.
1 to 12 of 12 Posts