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Kevin was the CEO and founder of Blue Water Capital Advisors, which he retired from in late 2017. He is now semi-retired, working part-time for Great Waters Financial, LLC (which is part of the AdvisorNet RIA) as a consultant.  He has been in the financial advisory business since 1992. ... more

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E Pis Aller: We’ll Be Forced To Use Last Resorts Again In Dealing With The Next Economic Crisis
In extreme situations we are sometimes forced to take an action best described as a last resort, or as the French would say, our "pis aller." In 2008 such decisions happened repeatedly, and the next crisis will rapidly push us to extremes again.
Why Not Sell Savings Bonds To Support Infrastructure Spending?
The incoming Trump Administration has big plans to rejuvenate growth in the US economy by spending $1 trillion over the next few years. A key issue will be the source of the funding that must be raised to support such a huge spending program.
Economic Commentary: Skirmishes In A Currency War?
A downward trend in leading global indicators, manufacturing, and trade has many central banks and political leaders concerned, and they are collectively doing a number of things to try to keep growth on track.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts