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Executive Chair at Global Energy Symposium
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Dr. Moors is Executive Chair of the Global Energy Symposium (GES). A major initiative involving some of the world’s leading energy experts, GES will oversee high-profile analyses and policy recommendations to governments and agencies worldwide. 

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We're In Uncharted Territory For Oil
OPEC plus is currently operating on a reduction of 2.1 million barrels per day in oil production and that lasts until April 1. OPEC proposed Thursday in Vienna to extend that cut by 1.5 million barrels per day and have it run until the end of 2020.
What Every Investor Needs To Know About The Saudi Arabian Oil Attacks
With the oil attack, claimed by Houthi rebels out of Yemen, the long-simmering Saudi-Iranian proxy war has reached a new, volatile boil.
Saudi Arabian Oil Giant Aims To Build A Refining Empire
It wasn’t all that long ago that the U.S. was threatened with declining oil reserves and an ongoing reliance on energy imports. Now, it has risen in the ranks to become the single-largest oil producer in the world.
The Trump “Twitter Effect” On Oil Prices
In a normal environment, crude prices don’t respond immediately to domestic political antagonisms. The current situation is different.
The Oil Money Play
The stock market freak-out hit a crescendo on Monday, with the Dow plunging nearly 1,600 points at it lows – marking the biggest intraday point drop in history.
Why Natural Gas And Oil Won’t Diverge For Long
Crude oil prices are once again breaking the $62 a barrel level for WTI (West Texas Intermediate, the traded benchmark in New York), while Brent (the most-used global figure set daily in London) is north of $68.
Two High-Profile Oil Scandals Every Investor Needs To Know About
Achieving a level playing field is sometimes all in the eye of the beholder. Here’s how company scandals will affect your energy investment.
What The Price Of Oil Will Be By December 31, 2017
I expect WTI to be at $55-$57 a barrel by the end of the year. Brent will be at $58-$60. These are small improvements from current pricing levels. But the prospects of continued rises remain.
China Just Unveiled A Solar Energy Game-Changer
Solar is now the fastest growing energy source worldwide and almost certain to increase its overall share in the developing energy balance among separate energy sources.
An Oil Price Forecast Will Burn The "Short Artists"
Oil demand has been increasing worldwide. But it consistently collides with a perception of supply. This results in an obfuscation always beneficial to short-sellers who keep the "oil price yo-yo" going.
These Three Stocks Are The Secret To Profiting In Energy Today
Three best investment plays that bridge energy and defense: NOC, RTN and AJRD.
What The $2 Trillion Saudi IPO Means For You
As the investment world prepares for what is becoming the most sought-after IPO in history, problems may be forming on the horizon.
Why U.S. Oil Companies Are Against Trump’s Budget Proposal
In its recent 2018 budget, the Trump Administration included a huge energy announcement. While it went mostly under the radar, the budget included a proposal to sell half of the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) for some extra revenue.
How Two “Zombie” Funds Are Disrupting Oil Prices
Among oil traders, UWTI and DWTI are spoken of in the present tense. They still exist on the secondary market – meaning investors can trade them with each other.
The Banks Are Manipulating Oil Prices Right Now?
The oil sector is buzzing with rumors at the moment, and, as usual, the financial news channels have absolutely no idea how to handle it. One day, they'll be talking about OPEC abandoning its oil deal and letting oil prices fall.
How This Imaginary Line Is Pushing Oil Prices Up
With presumably positive news about OPEC’s production cut extensions ahead, and with bearish traders now diving out of the way of their imaginary line, the path is cleared once again for upside.
1 to 16 of 72 Posts
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