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Project leader, IT engineer, Published Author. My current goals are to become established as a writer, and to grow my columns in my community, and nationally. Specialties: Writing, I.T., Problem Solver


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Warnings Of A New Credit Crisis And The Potential For System Wide Bail-In Push
Analysts are ramping up warnings of oncoming bank bail-ins now that the new Fed Chairman happens to be the architect of the program.
After Just Two Months Of Futures Contracts, It Appears Wall Street Does Have Some Control Over The Bitcoin Price
A look at the price and direction of Bitcoin leading into both the January and February CME futures expirations.
Next Catalyst For Higher Gold Prices Could Come From Japan Rather Than China Or India
As China celebrates the Lunar New Year and the transition to the Year of the Dog this week, it is another Asian economy that may actually supersede the Chinese here in 2018 when it comes to gold and gold buying.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts