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Keith Weiner is founder of the Gold Standard Institute USA in Phoenix, Arizona, and CEO of precious metals fund manager Monetary Metals. He created DiamondWare, a technology company which he sold to Nortel ... more


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How To Fix GDP
If we get less and less GDP juice for each dollar of debt squeeze, that is a harbinger of Armageddon to come.
More Squeeze, Less Juice
The prices of the metals fell, with that of gold -$9 and silver -$0.32. Of course, it was a week of stock market exuberance.
GDP Begets More GDP (Positive Feedback)
GDP is a perfect tool for central planning tools. But for measuring the economy, not so much. This is because it looks only at cash revenues. It does not look at the balance sheet. I
What Gets Measures Gets Improved
Wow! What a week for the dollar! It dropped a whole milligram from 23.2 to 22.2mg gold. The dollar is now at its lowest level in years and on the verge of breaking down.
The Elephant In The Gold Room
The “buy gold” message undermines the economic point. Perhaps the economics (or pseudo-economics) point bolsters the buy-gold message, but it certainly hasn’t over the last 8 years.
Irredeemable Currency Is A Roach Motel
The regime of irredeemable currency has unintended consequences.
Dollar Supply Creates Dollar Demand
The dollar is borrowed. It is not printed. Every time fresh new dollars are created, there is a borrower. There is never a giftee. The borrower has the dollar as an asset—but he also has a matching liability.
The Crime Of ‘33
A 10-year bond ties up money for 10 years. If you need your money in the meantime, you would not be entitled to redeem the bond.
China’s Nuclear Option To Sell US Treasurys
There is a drumbeat pounding on a monetary issue, which is now rising into a crescendo. The issue is: China might sell its holdings of Treasury bonds—well over $1 trillion—and crash the Treasury bond market.
The Monetary Cause Of Lower Prices
Prices go up when ingredients are added to production. And prices go down when ingredients are removed. There are nonmonetary ingredients, and also monetary (i.e. interest).
Nonmonetary Cause Of Lower Prices
The price of gold was down this week, by $7 and that of silver ¢14.
New Inflation Indicator
Everyone uses the word inflation when prices go up.
Debt And Profit In Russell 2000 Firms
We are in an economy that all acclaim to be “strong” and “healthy”. Debt is rising, as is GDP and employment.
What Causes Loss Of Purchasing Power
Consumer prices are not rising as a consequence of monetary policy. If they’re rising, it’s despite the falling interest rate, and due to the government constantly forcing producers to add more and more ingredients to the production of everything.
Will Basel III Send Gold To The Moon
A bank borrows to finance its lending. It makes money, by paying a lower interest rate on its borrowing than it charges on its lending.
On Board Keynes Express To Ruin
Are the gold bugs among the one in a million who see the root of the problem? Or do they see the capitalists getting rich, and want the same for themselves? They see stocks and bonds and real estate going up, and the capitalists profiteering from it.
1 to 16 of 227 Posts
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