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Keith Weiner is founder of the Gold Standard Institute USA in Phoenix, Arizona, and CEO of precious metals fund manager Monetary Metals. He created DiamondWare, a technology company which he sold to Nortel ... more


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Widening Bid-Ask Spreads, Gold And Silver Market
The price of gold rose $14 and the price of silver fell $0.07. The gold-silver ratio rose further with this price action.
Monetary Metals Gold Brief 2020
If gold is money, then what’s the dollar? The dollar is a small slice of the US government’s debt. It is a promise to pay, though it comes with a disclaimer that says the promise will never be honored.
Central Planning Vs. Economics
We have spilled barrels of electronic ink, making the point that central banks are wreaking havoc. They hurt the poor, the middle class, and the rich.
Open Letter To John Taft
The price of gold moved up $16, and that of silver $0.39.
The End Of An Epoch
The price of gold was all but unchanged, but the price of silver dropped another 46 copper pennies.
Money And Prices Are A Dynamic System
So if a business increases its debt and then interest rises, then its burden of debt falls. That’s because once the debt is incurred, the payment does not change but the discount increases.
Raising Rates To Fight Inflation
The price of gold subsided a few bucks, and the price of silver blipped a few pennies. Not much action this week, groceries neither pumped into nor drained out of this asset class.
The Perversity Of Negative Interest
The price of gold was up $9, and the price of silver was up $0.18.
What’s The Price Of Gold In The Gold Standard
The price of gold dropped, but not calamitously. From $1514 to $1459, or -$55. The price of silver dropped.
Targeting NGDP Targeting
The price of gold blipped up another ten bucks and that of silver eight cents.
Bitcoin Myths
Gold is the extinguisher of debt (and silver). Which is why it is so important that borrowing begins to shift back to gold. Once, not too long ago by a historical perspective, bonds were gold bonds.
Wealth Accumulation Is Becoming Impossible
The prices of the metals barely budged this week.
Motte And Bailey Fallacy
The broad assertion implies that the dollar is the unit of account, the measure of value, the store of value, and the extinguisher of debt. And that gold is a barbarous relic. This bailey cannot be defended.
A Wealth Tax Consumes Capital
The Fed and other central banks will be fighting to keep the music going, liberally putting pennies in the fuse boxes at the first sign that a credit circuit might shut down. But the Fed is neither omnipotent nor omniscient.
The Purchasing Power Of Capital
The price of gold dropped $20, and silver 43 cents. For reference, $20 was once worth just about an ounce of gold. Dollar was a unit of measure, a weight of gold equal to 1/20.67 ounce of fine gold.
Treasury Bond Backwardation
The prices of the metals was not the big news this week. The price of repo—a repurchase agreement, to sell and repurchase a Treasury—skyrocketed
1 to 16 of 252 Posts
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