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Dr. Keith Jurow is the nations leading analyst covering the entire real estate space. For six years, I have stood alone in providing investors with compelling and utterly reliable evidence that the so-called real estate recovery is little more than an illusion like a mirage in the desert that ...more

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The Feared Jumbo Mortgage Debacle Is Here — Thanks To The Coronavirus — And Ready To Pound The Housing Market
Jumbo mortgage lenders have tripped over each other to hand out huge loans to applicants.
Why Out-Of-Control Bubble-Era Mortgages Still Threaten To Smash Major U.S. Housing Markets
Cash-out refinancing fallout could sink home prices.
Three Warning Signs For Commercial Real Estate And REITs
Forecasting the direction of real estate prices requires the same disciplined approach as for other goods and services.
Housing Price Increases Have Been Less Than You Think
This article provides solid new evidence that the home price recovery since 2008 has been much weaker and more uneven than reported. It also seriously undermines the credibility of the hitherto sacrosanct Case-Shiller Index.
Why The Housing Market Collapse Is Set To Resume
Analysts continue to be baffled by the weakness of the housing recovery. Mortgage rates have remained exceptionally low for several years. Yet new home sales are still at one-third the level of the bubble years.
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