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What Tiger King Can Teach You About Personal Finance
Before I dive straight into the financial lessons, here’s a quick overview of the plot in case you need a reminder or if you’ve managed to avoid getting sucked into the endless Netflix cycle – if this is you, please tell me your secret!
Is Wall Street Still Powerful For Economic Growth?
Wall Street Survivor is an interactive option that allows people to prepare themselves for any investments they may be about to make or plan to make in the distant future.
The 2 Main Ideas From “The Little Book That Beats The Market”
In The Little Book That Beats the Market, author Joel Greenblatt gives an innovative method for choosing stocks. It’s pretty impressive, honestly. Here are his main ideas, and the “magical formula” he uses.
Weekend Reading: Money And Productivity - August 5, 2016
I’ve been reading all kinds of things. I’ve read a couple books this week, and over 20 book summaries on Blinkist – I still love that site. Here’s what I have for you this week…
Digit Review: The Easiest Way To Save Money Ever
"Digit" is an intelligent service that not only saves your money automatically, but it determines how much to save by how much you can afford.
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