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Founder & CEO of Markets Compass, the leading provider of high-reliability short, medium, and long-term market forecasts to hedgers and speculators, and the leader in providing the most effective hedging and risk management solutions in the industry based on our unique market forecasting ...more

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The Tides Have Changed
How the market should behave for the next days?
Hedging Oil & Gas Production And Shifting Market Dynamics
A country like Saudi Arabia, which produces in excess of 10 million barrels of oil per day and exports at least 75% of its production does not hedge its production and rather leaves its national budget under the mercy of oil’s huge price swings!
Markets Higher After Trump Victory
The markets obeyed and made an unbelievable rebound to not only claim back what they shed last night but to even push higher today.
US Election Market Forecast
What if you knew that the markets would either rally or slide right after the elections, would you then be able to draw a conclusion about who would win the elections?
US Equities To Decline This Week
US Equities tried to rally today but bearish pressures are still dominant. Our short-term forecast shows that they should decline through the remainder of this week.
Crude Oil Declining Into Its Medium-Term Low
Crude oil has reversed from its swing-high tension zone and is now well on its way down into its medium-term low.
The Markets In 2016
What you need to keep in mind about 2016 is that it will be one of the most difficult years for investors and traders to navigate without the right investing/trading style and accurate navigation maps.
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