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I’m a freelance webby type person from Manchester, UK. Currently learning to trade Forex (FX) as a part time hobby with hopes that it’ll become a full time profession one day. Always looking at different ways to grow my finances including alternative investments and savings ideas, such ...more

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Financial Misselling: What Is It And Can You Claim?
The most well-known example of financial misselling is payment protection insurance or PPI. This scandal broke in 2011 and since then, £38.3 billion has been paid in compensation to consumers who were missold PPI.
E-Commerce Payment Trends In 2021
In order to provide their customers with high-quality service, every company must listen to their wishes. In addition, it is very important to keep track of the latest e-commerce payment trends.
How Customers Are Keeping Businesses Alive In The UK
Small businesses have been in the news in the UK of late, with thousands of entities that were forced to close as a result of the coronavirus pandemic expected to receive payouts on insurance claims worth in excess of £1 billion.
Can Your Choice Of Marketing Colors Influence Buyers?
How important is it to choose the right colors? Whether that’s for the main logo, fonts, images, backgrounds or anything else, the shades we select can have a significant impact on consumers and their decision on whether to make a purchase.
Great Tips To Save Money During The Pandemic
The pandemic has hit all of us hard and in many unexpected ways. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make the best out of the situation and save some money.
5 Simple Steps That Can Lower Your Car Insurance Premium During COVID-19
During the compulsory lockdown, some car owners across the world had to park their vehicles. But now you can call your car insurance company to discuss the financial options available to help ease your auto insurance burden.
What Startups Need To Know About Merchant Accounts
Some B2B businesses let clients pay upon receipt of an invoice, but if you’re dealing with customers (B2C), then accepting card payments will likely be necessary.
Understanding Inheritance
If you’ve inherited money, property or any other valuable possessions, it can feel slightly overwhelming when it comes to deciding what to do with it.
What Are Candlestick Charts And How Do They Work?
When trading any kind of asset, from stocks and shares to currencies and commodities, the emotional temperature of the market is often just as important as more easily measurable qualities like supply and demand.
New Challenges To Forex Traders Post Brexit
Speculating on the further decline of the pound and backing the USD/GBP offers a viable course of actions for traders, while identifying the best performing emerging currencies may also prove profitable in the current marketplace.
Is A Bridging Loan A Good Idea?
As the dust settles after “Brexit Day”, property investors and developers are feeling optimistic about the housing market in 2020.
How To Use Bitcoin While Travelling The World
Years ago, the creators of Bitcoin planted a seed. They had an idea of a currency that was totally borderless and decentralized. That seed has come to fruition as Bitcoin has been adopted across many borders and industries.
Four Ways To Recover Your Business
When faced with difficult times for your business, being adaptable in your way of thinking may even reveal an unexpected positive side to facing the challenges that are before you.
Why You Should Consider Investing In Art
When we hear the word ‘investment’, most of us tend to think of the corporate world; stocks and shares, fluctuating markets, and business equity.
Bitcoin In 2020: What Can We Expect?
Many industry experts are expecting Bitcoin to soar in the coming year. While concrete predictions are nigh on impossible, a more stable supply and increasing demand is being taken as a positive sign by many.
How To Stop The Repossession Of Your House
Nobody wants to have their home repossessed, but if you’ve fallen on hard times and missed mortgage payments, the best thing to do is take action.
1 to 16 of 56 Posts