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John Thomas graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry with honors and a minor in mathematics from the University of California at Los Angeles (U.C.L.A.) in 1974. He moved to Tokyo, Japan where he was employed by a medium-sized Japanese securities house. Thomas became fluent in ...more

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How To Invest In Stocks: A Beginner’s Guide
Whether you’re investing for retirement, or trying to establish some measure of financial independence through investing, knowledge is power.
Get Ready To Take A Leap Back Into Leaps
Within a couple of months, there will be spectacular trades to be had with LEAPS. But what exactly are LEAPS? Read on to find out.
The Death Of The Mall
Mall REITs with their high yields are the buy of the century, but only if you have a very long-term view.
Short Selling 101
With the markets recently incredibly volatile, and now that we are solidly into the high risk, low return time of the year, I thought it’s time to review how to make money when prices are falling.
The New AI Book That Investors Are Scrambling For
AI will become so integral to your very existence that you won’t be able to live without it. The future is even more unbelievable than you imagined. The price of AI is dropping fast as hundreds of thousands of new programmers pour into the field.
AI And The New Health Care
The first major industry to be fundamentally disrupted by AI will be health care. The next step in our intellectual evolution will be carried out by AI. By connecting our neocortex to the Internet, we will greatly improve our intelligence.
Some Good News From Tesla
The media has been focusing on problems with the Tesla 3 production of late. Some of the company’s other business lines are growing like gangbusters. Orders for the groundbreaking Tesla Powerwall were up 450% during the first half of 2018.
Here Comes The AI Tidal Wave
Artificial Intelligence is working its way into all aspects of our lives. Companies leading with AI will prosper, and those that don’t will disappear. Tech companies now comprise 26% of U.S. stock market capitalization and 50% of corporate profits.
Expanding My Trade Peace Portfolio
Given the extreme moves made by the shares of trade war victims, I think it is time to review my “Trade Peace” portfolio and make some additions.
Why Bonds Can’t Go Down
The U.S. Treasury bond market has suddenly ground to a halt. This has puzzled traders, investors, and hedge fund managers alike. After the past three years, S&P 500 earnings have soared from $120 to an expected $170.
The Ultra-High Taxes Created By Trade Tariffs
Profits are a great pacifier, and no one wants to destroy the people who have been buttering your bread. The exponential growth of trade between the U.S. and China has caused the risk of a mutual nuclear war to fall to near zero.
Why Banks Have Performed So Badly This Year
The banking sector has failed to deliver. Why have bank shares performed badly? The industry is undergoing a long-term structural change from which it may not recover.
Stocks To Buy On The Outbreak Of Trade Peace
The trade war could be the crucial trading call of 2018. Today 52% of world GDP is accounted for by international trade. Take the trade war away, and stocks will immediately jump 10%.
So Where Did Those Amazon Earnings Really Come From And Where Are They Going?
Amazon earnings and the history of the company. Bezos funded his start-up with a $300,000 investment from his parents. Early participants all became billionaires, gaining returns of 10,000-fold or more, including his parents.
Are We Seeing "Peak Auto Sales"?
U.S. Auto Sales peaked in October 2017 when they fell just short of a 19 million annualized rate. As of the end of April this year they had fallen to a 17.53 million annualized rate. This past May looked worse.
Here Comes The Next Biotech Revolution
Biotech and big pharma are about to up their game. The convergence of big data, supercomputing, and the sequencing of the human genome have revolutionized how new drugs are created and brought to market. Maybe you can get in on the ground floor.
1 to 16 of 214 Posts
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