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John Slater, a FOCUS Partner and Capital Financing Team Leader, has thirty years of M&A and capital raising experience.  Prior to that time, he spent nine years as a practicing attorney, focused primarily on financial transactions, securities and tax matters.  Mr. Slater has served ... more

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FOCUS Telecom Business Services Quarterly: Winter 2021 Report
The sector revenue multiple fell from 0.7x a year ago to 0.6x, while the sector EBITDA multiple declined from 9.2x to 8.4x.
FOCUS Enterprise-Focused Telecom Technology Quarterly – Fall 2020
The sector revenue multiple increased from 4.1x to 5.2x, while the sector EBITDA multiple went from 17.0x to 20.4x.
Private Equity Has Noticed Manufacturing (Again)
For years entrepreneurial manufacturing firms were ignored by the private equity community as big money chased after technology, health care and other sectors thought to be more “glamorous”. But no more...
Is Now The Right Time To Consider An ESOP?
We recently adopted an ESOP, an employee stock ownership plan, as it afforded our partners an opportunity to redeem their capital accounts but kept our existing organization intact without any changes to our culture. Is an ESOP right for you?
Made In America: The 33 Cent Chinese Arkansas T-Shirt
Recently my colleague Marco Chan shared an extraordinary story that puts a new slant on the public discussion about robotics, China, outsourcing and the future of jobs.
The Work World Is Changing And Society Needs To Change As Well
John Lounsbury has asked two TalkMarkets contributors, John Slater and Steven Hansen, to discuss how and where automation and robotics will impact the new economy and how social institutions, specifically education, can address these challenges.
Is The M&A Bubble About To Pop?
There have been signs of financial bubbles throughout global markets. M&A valuations remain near record levels and so on. But, that’s not the whole story.
Transformation: The Onrushing Digital Age Will Change Everything
The modern era has witnessed two great periods of transformation that radically changed the global economy and the very nature of human existence.
Interview With Peter Lehrman, CEO Of Axial Markets
We recently interviewed Peter Lehrman, CEO of Axial, one of the most energetic and innovative companies providing advanced technology solutions. (Video Length: 00:11:01)
How Will The Market Drop Affect Middle Market M&A?
In a slow growth economy, most firms increasingly view M&A as their best bet to accelerate revenue growth.
Will A Robot Close Your Next Deal?
In the next ten years, technology will transform virtually every industry in the world. There will be big winners and big losers. In order to stay competitive, middle market business owners must preempt these changes to their competitive positions and sustainability with smart timely action.
Is This The Summer Of 2007?
The summer of 2007 was a great moment. We were enjoying one of the strongest booms in both the debt and equity markets that any of us had experienced in our lifetimes.
A Whiff Of Inflation – M&A Valuations Lead The Way
Since the 1970s, many of us have feared the threat of inflation looming just around the corner. Within the past year, economists and central bankers have led us to believe the inflation was a thing of the past. Recently, reality has intervened.
A Whiff Of Inflation Merger Valuations Lead The Way
Since the 1970s, many have feared the threat of inflation looming. Within the past year, economists and central bankers have led us to believe the inflation dragon has been permanently relegated to a dark hole. However, reality has intervened.
How To Manage BYOD In A GRC World
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been a catalyst for a new IT revolution. CNET TechRepublic’s BYOD Business Strategy Survey reveals that 62 percent of companies either allow Bring Your Own Device, or plan to by the end of 2013.
Cybernomics: Cyber Security For The Rest Of Us
There Are No Firewalls. There Is No Inside Or Outside. We Are All Swimming In The Same Cyber Sea—With Sharks Circling. We Have No Protective Cage. Bottom Line: In The Realm Of Cyber, Nothing Is Secure.
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