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Hey, my name is John Rampton. I’m a serial entrepreneur. I love helping people in addition to building amazing products and services that scale.

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8 Fears In Business Every Entrepreneur Should Overcome To Become Mega Successful
Fears in business is an extremely powerful feeling. It prevents us from taking action. In some cases this is good. In other cases, fear is detrimental.
Get Lean: 5 Ways To Save Money In Any Economy
With recession fears increasing day by day, it won’t be long before companies start looking for new ways to save money. Economic downturns can be make-or-break situations for plenty of businesses.
How To Manage Cash Flow When You’re In Between Payments
Nothing is worse the uncertainty that comes with knowing that your cash flow is low when you still have a while until another payment comes in.
Are Cryptocurrency Investors Ready For Asset Tokenization?
For asset tokenization to work, it requires the full faith and activity from a majority of the population. Cryptocurrency investors will ultimately serve as the gateway for this public acceptance.
7 Tips For Lean Business Growth In A World Of Excess
Lean Startup is a popular methodology of business growth and development that that aims to shorten the product development cycle and quickly determine if a business model is viable or not. It also introduces a number of cost-effective principles.
How To Make The Most Of Your Business Valuation (Even If You’re Not Ready To Sell)
How much is your company worth? If you’ve put any thought into life after running your current business, you’ve likely given this question some consideration. But the real question is this: Is your own estimate accurate?


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Defending Your Business During A Tax Audit
Have you ever worried that your business would be audited by the IRS? The idea of undergoing a tax audit, especially when your business is the target, doesn’t sound like a fun time.

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