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Hey, my name is John Rampton. I’m a serial entrepreneur. I love helping people in addition to building amazing products and services that scale.

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How The Right Investments Can Successfully Set You Up For Retirement
Investing is an important part of your financial health. Moreover, the right investments can set you up for a comfortable retirement. It can also create financial security. At least, investing can do these things when it’s done the right way.
Eight Investment Paths You Should Consider In Your 20's
As a 20-something young adult, investment can sometimes seem foreign, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Expert investors and market leaders all suggest that starting sooner than later is one of the best decisions a young adult can make.
The Real Cost Of Annuities: A Look Into What You Pay For What You Get
How much do annuities really cost? What factors come into play when insurance companies calculate premiums? These are important questions we should all ask ourselves before making a $100,000+ disbursement, and I’ll answer them here.
Top 5 Reasons Why Some Hate Annuities And Why They’re Wrong
There’s no question that annuities have their share of detractors. But are these criticisms really justified? Let’s take a closer look at five common reasons why people hate annuities – and how these cons can be overcome.
Are You Ignoring Inflation? You’re Not Alone
The pandemic caused the price of everything to go up. And the Biden administration acted accordingly, pumping trillions of dollars into the economy. However, money is like a glacier; it eventually rolls everything, including prices, downhill.
Don’t Assume Your Taxes Will Be Lower In Retirement
As a general rule of thumb, don’t automatically assume that your taxes will be lower in retirement.


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Defending Your Business During A Tax Audit
Have you ever worried that your business would be audited by the IRS? The idea of undergoing a tax audit, especially when your business is the target, doesn’t sound like a fun time.

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