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John has more than 30 years of experience and insight in analyzing and forecasting global financial markets. John spent the first half of his career on the trading floor of the Chicago futures exchanges, where he had the opportunity to learn how the US financial markets work from the inside out. ... more

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It Could Be A Great 3rd Quarter
A look at the five most important charts and data series and signals that will have the most influence on the direction of the markets in the coming months.
Stock Market Review - Thursday, June 23
A monthly review of the stock market.
When Will The Downtrend End? Watch This Stock.
A look at how much deeper the stock market decline is likely to go from here, and how to determine when a bottom is in.
US Stocks: Get Ready For More Pain
A look at the most important and potentially influential market metrics to watch in the weeks ahead.
Stock Market Review - Tuesday, May 10
A monthly review of the stock market.
The S&P 500: Hanging On For Dear Life
SPX is currently testing its 50-day moving average for the 4th time since December 3rd.
February Correction? Watch These Metrics.
A look at the five most important charts and data series that are going to be the most influential through the end of January 2022 and possibly the rest of 2022.
Here’s The Market’s Next Upside Target
SPX​​​​​​​ rose out of this indecision area on Dec 27th, which suggests that the US broad market index’s larger 2021 advance has resumed and targets an additional 3.3% rise to 4950.
The Correction Begins As The Worst Of September Is Coming
John Kosar talked about his 5 top charts and data series that he believes will have the most influence in the financial markets through September and into the 4th Quarter.
Potential Triggers For A June Market Decline
Here are the charts that have the biggest influence in the upcoming price direction for the US market.
Finding Outperformance In A Dull Market
These are the charts that have the biggest influence on the upcoming price direction for the US market.
Prepare Yourself For Much Higher Long-Term Interest Rates
The recent rise above 1.37% to 1.47% in the yield of the benchmark 10-Year Note appears to be an emerging secular trend change, toward significantly higher long-term US interest rates.
US Market Vulnerable To A Much Deeper Decline
Heading into next week, the benchmark S&P 500 itself is still holding onto Tactical support by its fingernails.
Is A Correction Heading Our Way?
The US stock market is closing in on upside targets amid currently strong market internals. However, the market is also historically over-extended and history warns of a potentially nasty 1st Quarter decline.
Happy Holidays For Investors? Watch The Market’s Vital Signs
Despite the lack of upward follow-through thus far, as long as the S&P 500 index manages to remain above the 3505 upper boundary of its September-October indecision area, the bullish implications of its Nov 9th breakout will remain intact.
Positive Internal Market Metrics Fuel Rally From S&P 500 Support
As of October 5th, the SPX subsequently jumped 141 points or 4% higher over the next 5 days.
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