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John Jamieson is the owner of Perpetual Wealth Systems and Wealth Without Stocks, which is a national wealth strategy company working with people and businesses on a better business model for automatically and systematically creating wealth. He is an ... more


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The Hidden Riches Inside Your Cash Flow
Most people dump all their money in their primary checking account up front and then give the money to everyone but themselves first.
Can You Really Afford Your Car Lease?
A lease is an agreement you enter into to rent your car for a predetermined length of time (usually 24 to 36 months) for a predetermined monthly payment, and for a set number of miles.
How To Win The Financial Battle Vs. Your Automobile
A new automobile is one of the biggest wealth drains for you and your family.
How To Protect Your Recent Stock Market Profits
You can reallocate some of your stocks and mutual funds into programs that protect your newfound gains while allowing you to participate in future gains should they continue.This can be done with the use of a solid fixed indexed annuity.
What Is A Restricted Property Trust?
How successful business owners are putting more money away for retirement than they ever could with a traditional retirement account.
Investing In Killer Real Estate Deals
The hotter the market is when you go to resell the quicker sell you will have and less holding costs you will need to pay.
Lock In Your Recent Profits Now
Regardless of your political views the facts are the facts and your money and wealth don’t really care who is president. Our job is to play the cards as they are dealt regardless of who is in charge at the White House.
Revealing The Self-Directed IRA
Most investors mistakenly believe they have a “self-directed IRA” when in fact they have one that limits their choices to a few investment types. Within your plan, you can choose stocks, mutual funds or bonds.
How To Turn Your IRA Or 401k Into A Paycheck Machine For Life
Since the early 1980s, 401(k)s and individual retirement accounts have become the dominant way that workers save for retirement.
IRA’s – What You Need To Know
There are annual limits on how much money you can contribute to a Traditional IRA based upon your income and age. As an example, currently in 2016, if you are under age 50 you contribute $5,500 annually.
The Power Of A Money Reset
Do you have money in the market right now you are hoping will grow over time providing you with a great retirement nest egg?
Earn Extra Money Renting Out Your Stocks
Many investors rent out their stocks every month to generate potentially larger returns. Of course, when they do that, they don’t call it renting: The term they use is a “covered call.”
Are You In The Retirement Danger Zone?
A bad investment can be a serious wealth stealer, but as much as it matters how much you lose, it can matter equally when the loss occurs.
How You Can Avoid Being A Victim Of A Ponzi Scheme
At the heart of every classic Ponzi scheme are two things: an investment with (allegedly) an exceptionally attractive return, and a great story about just why the returns can be so extraordinary.
Give Yourself A Raise
This week we will give you the most powerful strategy to legally and dramatically reduce the amount you pay in taxes.
To Rent Or To Own… That Is The Question
Even if you factor in the additional expenses of owning a home — say $50,000 for repairs and updates — most of that will be offset by your tax write-offs of your interest and property taxes.
1 to 16 of 31 Posts
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