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John Coumarianos is an Analyst for Clarity Financial, LLC, and is a contributing editor to the Real Investment Advice Website. He has been an analyst at Morningstar and a writer for MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal. He specializes in value investing.

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Q1 2019 Markets Review: Curb Your Enthusiasm
It’s been a wild opening to 2019 for investors. It’s always hard to know why markets make big moves, but it seems the big gains of this quarter are the result of Fed Chairman Powell softening his stance on interest rate hikes.
You Can’t Get Blood Out Of A Stone
Grantham thinks recent growth numbers reflect a one-time bump of sidelined workers getting back into the labor market from the time of the financial crisis.
Don’t Be Euphoric Over Two Months Of Gains
Stocks are up big this year, and that means it’s time to be skeptical.
Morningstar 2009 International Equity Manager Of The Decade Nominees — 10 Years Later
Beating an index is hard enough when you’re focusing on just one market. Imagine the challenges you encounter when you’re attempting to achieve this on an international scale.
It’s Not A Bad Time To Rebalance
Maybe you don’t like a lot of fuss as an investor, and you want to buy-and-hold a simple portfolio for the long term. That’s fine, but you do have to rebalance periodically.
Friendly Skies — For Airline Investors, Not Passengers
After mostly burning capital from 2004 through 2010, Delta has settled into a remarkably stable mode of posting positive margins and posting respectable returns on assets year-in and year-out.
Are Tech Stocks Cheap?
Technology isn’t just the FAANG stocks (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google). And at least two important firms – DoubleLine and GMO – think the sector is at least relatively cheap. Here’s why.
Does $97,000 Matter To You?
Investors in the age range of 45 to 55 have benefited from an amazing sequence of returns. But now they may be unprepared for a less beneficial sequence in the future.
Are Energy Stocks Cheap?
Oil prices have collapsed again from nearly $80 per barrel this past summer to under $50 per barrel now. Big price declines in the commodity always beg the question if there are any cheap stocks in the oil patch.
Gundlach’s Remarks Mean It’s Time To Check Your Allocation
If you want to alter that allocation, and you watch the markets carefully, you can cheat a little with some extra cash.
Robert Shiller: Worried About Housing Again
House prices are now 53% higher than they were in early 2012, meaning they have appreciated at least 7% annualized. Inflation, measured by CPI, since 2012? Less than 2%. That’s a big gain on CPI-adjusted grounds.
REITs: Slightly Better Than Broad U.S. Market, But Still Not Cheap
In 2018, the iShares fund delivered a 5.29% return through October, while the Vanguard fund delivered a 2.03% return through October.
Lessons From Thanksgiving Dinner
Talking to friends and family at Thanksgiving dinner made me realize how unprepared for volatility investors are.
The Worst Place To Be For Bond Investors
Investors should have a handle on their bond allocations. It may not be a bad time to overweight Treasuries.
Which Smart Beta Was Smartest In October?
It’s no secret that October was a bad month for stocks. The S&P 500 Index dropped nearly 7%, including dividends.
Do You Really Need Half Your Money In Stocks?
Foreign stocks are cheaper than their U.S. counterparts, but they’re not screamingly cheap.
1 to 16 of 48 Posts