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Jill has been working with Advisor Perspectives since 2012 and in 2015 joined the dshort team as Research Director. She considers herself a Gen X’er and has a background in mathematics and science. She holds a Master of Science in Physical Science with a concentration in physics and ... more

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Treasury Yields: A Long-Term Perspective - Tuesday, Aug. 16
Let's have a look at a long-term perspective on Treasury yields.
New Residential Housing Starts Down 9.6% In July
The latest reading of 1.446M was below the Investing.com forecast of 1.540M and is a 9.6% decrease from the previous month's 1.599M.
July Inflation: The Components
We are now seeing the highest Headline inflation rates since the second of the two recessions in the early 1980s.
Michigan Consumer Sentiment Inches Up In August
Since its beginning in 1978, consumer sentiment is 35.6 percent below the average reading (arithmetic mean) and 34.8 percent below the geometric mean.
Empire State Mfg Survey: Activity Declined Sharply In August
This morning we got the latest Empire State Manufacturing Survey. The diffusion index for General Business Conditions at -31.3 was a decrease of 42.4 from the previous month's 11.1.
Long-Term Trends In Employment By Age Group - Aug. 12th Update
In the late 1990s, the dream of early retirement was common among the Boomers. But the reality is that an increasing number are delaying retirement and many who did retire have now re-entered the workforce.
U.S. Workforce: July 2022 Update
The closely watched headline unemployment rate is a calculation of the percentage of the Civilian Labor Force, age 16 and older, that is currently unemployed. Let's put this metric into its historical context.
The Civilian Labor Force, The Business Cycle And Unemployment Claims
A particularly interesting feature of the Unemployment Claims ratio series is its effectiveness in the past as a leading indicator for recession starts and a virtually dead-on coincident indicator for recession ends.
Baby Boomer Employment - July 2022
With the release of the July employment report, let's review the status of the 20th century Baby Boom, which was one of the most powerful demographic events in the history of the United States.
Demographic Trends For The 50-And-Older Work Force - Wednesday, Aug. 10
Zoom in on the age 50 and older Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR).
Multiple Jobholders Are 4.8% Of All Employed
At present, multiple jobholders account for just 4.8 percent of civilian employment. 
Full-Time & Part-Time Employment: A Deeper Look
Let's take a closer look at the latest employment report numbers on Full and Part-Time Employment.
June Employment: Services Vs. Goods Producing Jobs
The latest monthly employment report showed a gain of 528K nonfarm jobs, which consists of a gain of 459K service-providing jobs and a gain of 69K goods-producing jobs.
The S&P 500, Dow And Nasdaq Since Their 2000 Highs - Monday, Aug. 8
A look at real (inflation-adjusted) charts of the S&P 500, Dow 30, and Nasdaq Composite since 2000.
The Latest Look At The Total Return Roller Coaster - Aug. 6
As these charts illustrate, and as many households have discovered during the 21st century so far, investing in equities carries substantial risk.
ECRI Weekly Leading Index Update - Friday, Aug. 5
Today's release of the publicly available data from ECRI puts the WLI at 143.8, down 0.2 from the previous week's figure.
1 to 16 of 4294 Posts
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