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Jennifer Coombs has nearly a decade of experience in the investment world, with a variety of titles and investing functions from trading to model building. GradMoney was created from a desire to change the way young adults view the stock market and a desire to save the general public thousands ... more

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Advancing Women Through Sustainable Investing
Although we are two decades into the 21st Century, there is still not much discernible difference between the demographics of the financial services sector compared to forty years ago.
July 2018 US Unemployment Rate
The US unemployment rate fell to 3.9 percent in July 2018 from 4.0 percent in June, matching market expectations. The jobless rate touched an 18-year low of 3.8% in May.
What Would Happen If Tesla Went Private?
Tesla’s shares have indeed been highly volatile in the last 12 months, dropping from $389 in September 2017 to $248 in April and climbing back to $380 on Wednesday.
US GDP Highest Growth Rate In 4 Years
The US economy advanced an annualized 4.1 percent on quarter in the second quarter of 2018, well above an upwardly revised 2.2 percent expansion in the previous period and in line with market expectations.
US Retail Sales Picking Up Steam
US retail trade rose by 0.5 percent month-over-month in June 2018, following an upwardly revised 1.3 percent advance in May and matching market expectations. June's gains were mainly boosted by increases in purchases of motor vehicles.
Current State Of The American Unemployment Rate
The US unemployment rate rose to 4 percent in June 2018 from 3.8 percent in the previous month, which was the lowest since April 2000. The number came above market expectations of 3.8 percent as more entered the labor force.
Indian Inflation At New Highs
Wholesale prices in India rose by 4.43 percent year-on-year in May of 2018, after a 3.18 percent gain in the prior month and above market estimates of 3.76 percent.
American Factory Growth Slowed In June
In June 2018, the IHS Markit US Manufacturing PMI fell to 54.6 from 56.4 in May, well below market expectations of 56.5.
Three Stock Sectors That (Should) Survive A Trade War
A trade war with China is imminent and that means a potential end to the 9-year bull market. Here are the three areas to strongly consider putting your money in advance of the trade war.
US ISM Non Manufacturing PMI Beats Forecasts
The ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI index for the United States jumped to 58.6 in May of 2018 from 56.8 in April, well above market expectations of 57.5.
Why Europe Is The Poster Child For ESG Investing
While Europe didn't necessarily invent the concept of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis for investments, Europe continues to serve as the primary driver of research and analysis.
Where Do US Steel Imports Come From?
There's been a lot of talk on steel imports to the U.S. since it was announced that there would be massive tariffs imposed on steel imports. But where do these imports actually come from and how do they impact the local economy?
How Many Americans Have Nothing Saved For Retirement?
It's sad but true. Millions of Americans are more focused on paying their bills, many living paycheck to paycheck, and not even remotely considering saving for retirement.
Help! What Does All This Wall Street Jargon Mean?
Understanding the jargon of the market is going to be highly important as we move further away from the recession of 2008 -- volatility is coming back.
4 Ways To Get Started With Impact Investments
While sustainability is nice (and important) many more investors are seeking broader societal impact by putting investments into companies that will make a difference, rather than just making a donation.
US Housing Starts At Highest Level In 2 Years
Real estate, in particular, housing data, is one of the most important gauges of economic health, and since the housing market collapse of 2008-2009, we've seen quite the improvement.
1 to 16 of 238 Posts
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