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I'm a swing trader of momentum stocks with a holding period of anywhere from a few hours to a few months. I run a number of screens to locate the strongest/weakest stocks out there, using technical analysis to determine my entries and exits. Trying to calculate the intrinsic value of stocks in ...more


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It's An Option Buyer's Market
Without a thorough understanding of the behavior of stock options, it’s not just possible to lose money buying options on the right stock at the right time, it is actually very common. What you need to know.
Dow Jones Observations
While it's impossible to know if the markets are going to ever correct again (slight sarcasm), one can't deny that the strength of the recent move is deteriorating.
S&P 500 Stretched Like A Spring
Stock prices tend to act like a spring. The further they are stretched to their limits, the further they tend to snap back in the opposite direction.
The US Dollar Remains Stubbornly Bullish
The dollar stubbornly refuses to fall, even though it too (like crude/bonds) is very deep into its Daily and Investor Cycle timing. Technically it is weakening, as seen within the indicators on the chart below.
Stairs Up And Elevator Down?
This reflex, counter-trend Cycle move has now added 180 points in 10 sessions, more than eclipsing the 17 session fall that preceded it. They often say that equities take the “stairs up and an elevator down,” which is why I find it very difficult to respect a move of this magnitude.
Crude Has Likely Hit Rock Bottom
In the past, we’ve discussed at length the structural problems facing Crude. So the pressure the energy markets are under, both from the demand and supply sides, should come as no surprise.
Options + Fibonacci = Powerful Indicator
During a sell-off in the stock market, in which prices are tumbling, who is it that is buying all the shares of stock that are being sold? Somebody has to buy each stock, or else there would be no trades.
Gold Will Surprise In More Ways Than One
Everywhere you turn today, gold is again being dismissed as a relic of the past, totally worthless, non-producing, with no place in any modern day portfolio.
Astrology Update: October's Lunar Eclipse
The volatility has picked up in the markets. Last week the Nasdaq timing signal turned bearish for the long term. The Dow however remains bullish for the long term.
The Bear Has Begun To Stir In Gold
When considering whether an asset is ready to turn higher, I generally look for an extreme negative sentiment level during an extreme price decline while the asset is in the timing band for a Cycle Low.
Options Witching Effects On Stock Prices
These days, there are lots of different options expirations available, so no single expiration is quite as important as it may have been in the past when availability was much more limited.
Odds In Favor Of Bulls
Looks to me like a very controlled and deliberate move in the equity markets. We had a 100 point move in the first 15 days of this Daily and Investor Cycle; it has taken some time to consolidate those gains.
Jobs Or Not, Stocks Are Hot
Rarely is the disconnect between the stock market and the economy more apparent than in an extreme bull market, when stock prices rise so far, so fast, and the trend becomes self-perpetuating, feeding on the greed of traders.
Could QTMM Be The Next PLUG?
Below is one of the most bullish charts I've seen in awhile. Let's start with the weekly and note the massively overbought RSI condition in June/July. This is often a warm up to what's to come.
Questioning The Retracement
What an odd (and wonderful) price shock for bears on Friday. The news from Ukraine and Russia appeared to darken the recent clouds over the exuberant equity markets. The added drama that this event arrived on OpEx day created a significant reversal and scalping opportunities in the options markets.
What Every Trader Should Know About Entropy
Ever notice how the stock market seems to have a mind of its own, as if it is determined to separate you from your stock positions? If so, you are not imagining things. The stock market is indeed hunting you down; but don’t take it personally.
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