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A founder of Visual Capitalist, Jeff holds a BCom from the Sauder School of Business at UBC. Jeff believes that a fusion of information and design can bring investors unique insight in a way that has never been done before. Originally hailing from Penticton, BC, Jeff is also an avid traveller, ... more


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The 10 Breakthrough Technologies That Will Define 2019
Gone are the days of turning stones into spears. With the advent of new technologies, we’ve learned to develop tools that not only make living faster and easier every day but also improve the future of humanity as a whole.
Mapped: Fossil Fuel Production By Country
The United States produces 20% of all global fossil fuels, with Russia and Iran rounding out the top three. After that comes Canada, which produces just under 5% of all fossil fuels globally.
How The Modern Consumer Is Different
There is a prevailing wisdom that says the stereotypical American consumer can be defined by certain characteristics.
A Timeline Of U-Turns From The Chinese Market
China’s economic surge is one of the biggest stories of the 21st century.
The Hidden Problem Looming Over The Cannabis Edibles Market
The cannabis edibles market is poised to be the next big thing – but when it comes to how these cannabinoids get absorbed by the body, there is still much work to be done.
All The World’s Carbon Emissions In One Chart
Over two centuries of burning fossil fuels have added up, and global decision-makers and business leaders are focusing in on carbon emissions as a key issue.
The Largest Producers Of Crude Oil (1965-2017)
The global production of oil is driven by a host of complex factors, ranging from resource scarcity to a country’s access to the latest technological breakthroughs. As these factors play out, the oil production landscape can dramatically change.
Visualizing Copper’s Role In The Transition To Clean Energy
Advances in technologies create new material demands. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that the transition to renewables is going to create demand for many minerals – and copper is going to be a critical mineral for the new era of energy.
Ranked: The Richest Countries In The World
Since the 2008 financial crisis, global private wealth has been steadily growing. In fact, overall private wealth worldwide reached $204 trillion in 2018, which is a 26% increase over the past decade.
The $300 Billion Counterfeit Goods Problem, And How It Hurts Brands
In 2018, counterfeit goods caused roughly $323 billion of damage to the global economy. These fake products are not only damaging to the reputations of real brands – they also lead to massive issues for consumers.
The Beginning Of A Bitcoin Bull Run?
After 15 months of losses and stagnation, Bitcoin has made a miraculous recovery — rising more than 150% from its lowest point in December 2018.
How Billionaires Are Preparing For The Next Bear Market
No one likes to lose money, even if you have billions to spare.
The E-Sports Boom, And The Numbers Behind The Sector’s Explosive Growth
Today’s chart breaks down the eSports boom, including data on the sector’s rapid growth, prize pools, and the most valuable eSports companies today.
EC Visualizing The Unicorn Landscape In 2019
In recent times, unicorns have multiplied more like rabbits, and investors have propped up the combined value of the world’s 326 unicorns to the tune of $1.1 trillion.
The Anatomy Of A Market Correction
Markets are rarely a straight march forward. Even though the end destination is usually a bullish one, markets often take a far more scenic route to get there.
Visualizing The Potential Of Smart Mining
Mining has traditionally been depicted with pack mules, pickaxes, and rugged prospectors. However, today’s mining industry is precisely the opposite in almost every respect. It’s high-tech, efficient, and safe.
1 to 16 of 307 Posts
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