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A founder of Visual Capitalist, Jeff holds a BCom from the Sauder School of Business at UBC. Jeff believes that a fusion of information and design can bring investors unique insight in a way that has never been done before. Originally hailing from Penticton, BC, Jeff is also an avid traveller, ... more


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Shapes Of Recovery: When Will The Global Economy Bounce Back?
Whenever the economy is put through the ringer, levels of optimism, and pessimism about its potential recovery can vary greatly. The current state mid-pandemic is no exception.
The $88 Trillion World Economy In One Chart
The global economy can seem like an abstract concept, yet it influences our everyday lives in both obvious and subtle ways. Nowhere is this clearer than in the current economic state amid the throes of the pandemic.
The Growth Of Home Fitness Apps
Home fitness apps have been shaping our lives—and our glutes—long before COVID-19, but their popularity has truly surged in the last few months.
Ranked: The World’s Richest Families In 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t stopped the world’s wealthiest families from growing their fortunes. Over the past year, the richest family—the Waltons—grew their wealth by $25 billion, or almost $3 million per hour.
The World Population In 2100, By Country
Will the global population surpass 10 billion by the end of the century? Check out this infographic and find out which will be the top countries by 2100.
Visualizing The Social Media Universe In 2020
Social media has seeped into virtually all aspects of modern life. The vast social media universe collectively now holds 3.8 billion users, representing roughly 50% of the global population.
The Decline Of Upward Mobility In One Chart
For decades, a majority of Americans have been able to climb the economic ladder by earning higher incomes than their parents. These improving conditions are known as upward mobility, and form an important part of the American Dream.
By The Numbers: Are Tech IPOs Worth The Hype?
Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) generate massive amounts of attention from investors and media alike, especially for new and fast-rising companies in the technology sector.
Silver Bulls: Visualizing The Price Of Silver
Silver has always shown its value throughout history. From ancient coins to its use as a global currency during the Age of Discovery, silver has circulated the world to become an important financial asset.
Charting Consolidation In The U.S. Dairy Industry
Today’s dairy industry looks very different to how it did just 30 years ago.
3D Mapping The Largest Population Density Centers
It can be difficult to comprehend the true sizes of megacities, or the global spread of nearly 7.8 billion people, but this series of population density maps makes the picture abundantly clear.
How Much Revenue Automakers Generate Every Second
Since their invention, automobiles have been a driving force of the global economy.
The Stocks To Rule Them All: Big Tech’s Might In Five Charts
American’s tech giants have caught the public’s attention as of late.
The 20 Most And Least Profitable Companies, Per Employee
Financials dominate the most profitable companies per employee, with 8 in the top 20. Energy bleeds the most profits per employee.
Mapped: The World’s Nuclear Reactor Landscape
With some regions aiming to reduce reliance on nuclear power, and others starting to embrace it, the landscape is certain to change.
How The S&P 500 Performed During Major Market Crashes
Like spectacular market peaks, market crashes have been a persistent feature of the S&P 500 throughout time. Still, the forces underpinning each rise and fall are often less clear.
1 to 16 of 428 Posts
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