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China’s Threats Will Not Harm Stocks
Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan, China goes ballistic, but none of this means anything to stock-market investors.
Stick With Our Plans In The Stock Market Crash
In this video, I answer recently emailed questions about the war in Ukraine, its impact on the stock market, and how we are managing our plans.
Do Not Sell Stocks Because Of Riots
America is burning. That’s what every media outlet will tell you. And investors are asking me, should I sell my stocks? I’m here today to tell you right up front, absolutely not.
The 30 Down Rule
Why did we change from four sell skips to one for 6Sig and 9Sig? Why is 3Sig not in it?
The Best Way To Invest In This Cheap Stock Market
Leverage or non-leverage? All at once, or gradually?
Can Trump Reach 3% Economic Growth?
The economy hasn’t grown at 3% in more than a decade. Its recent pace has been 2.1%.
The Stock Market Is A Social System
The easiest way to remember why stocks are unpredictable is to realize their prices are driven by human emotion and behavior.
Are Smart Beta Funds Worth The Higher Cost?
While it may be true that smart-beta funds are cheaper than active fund managers, it’s important to remember that active fund managers aren’t worth much. Most of them lose to plain Jane indexes.
Japanese Potato Panic
The possibility of shortage was enough to send prices up ten-fold, and make even people who hadn’t eaten chips in years suddenly desire them like mad!
Is Higher Education Worth The Cost?
Knowledge is never a waste, but we need to stop thinking about higher education as job training and reprice it accordingly.
How To Keep A Long-Term Perspective In Stocks
Our short-term perspective misleads us to miss out on the long-term profit power of stocks. It’s why bears have missed everything since the crash of 2008.
How To Improve Stock Market Backtesting
One common problem with backtesting is curve fitting, which is finding a system in retrospect that would have maximized returns in the past market.
How To Handle Rising Interest Rates
The Federal Reserve has signaled its desire to raise interest rates. In this video, I’ll consider whether you need to take any steps to prepare for higher interest rates.
How To Use Leveraged ETFs
Leveraged funds were first offered to investors in the early 1990s. The first leveraged ETFs appeared in 2006. The idea behind leveraged funds is to increase an investor’s performance by magnifying the movement of an index.
Ignore The Stock Market Permabears Yet Again
Stock market permabears forever warn about a crash, and for good reason. It makes for reliable marketing because the stock market declines multiple times per year, on average.
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