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Before joining Mauldin Economics, Jared was one of Wall Street’s preeminent risk-takers. After receiving his MBA from the University of San Francisco, he got hired by Wall Street giant Lehman Brothers where he worked from 2001 to 2008—first as an index arbitrage trader and then as ... more


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Central Bank Populism
When you sign up to be a central banker, you sign up to be a guardian of the purchasing power of the currency. You know that your actions may result in short-term pain—and long-term gain.
Supply And Demand
Some of the dumbest arguments in finance are about interest rates.
Here Come The Taxes
Taxes are going up, but we knew that already.
Perpetual Boom
Let’s talk about the business cycle for a second. Like the fact that we don't have one anymore.
The Virtues Of Debt
The problem with debt is that it is a bit like a game of financial Jenga—the whole thing will collapse all at once.
Market: Elevator Action
Tesla, Bitcoin, and the ARK funds are in freefall. This has been a long time coming.
EC A Visit From The Doom Squad
Make no mistake: The bubble is real. We haven't even scratched the surface of how crazy things are about to get.
Free To Trade
When something is free, people tend to overconsume it.
EC Game Over, Man
This is true and has always been true throughout the entire history of the stock market: Retail piles in at the top, which is what’s happening right now.
Knowing When To Sell
Knowing what stock to buy is relatively easy. Knowing how much stock to buy is a more difficult decision.
Mixed Grill
Everyone knows that value investing has been hell for the last 10 years, and it was exacerbated by COVID-19, as all the stay-at-home stocks were growth stocks, and all the companies that were most affected by the virus were value stocks.
EC The Top Consensus Trades Of 2021
When the COVID-19 vaccines were announced, we experienced a profound regime shift in markets. This resulted in a 15-standard deviation outperformance of value overgrowth in a day.
EC Death By Style Box
How easy would it have been to predict that when a vaccine was announced, we would have a humongous reversal in value and growth? Not that hard. And yet nobody predicted it.
Election Positioning
We can argue about the economic effects of people on the low end paying more, and we can argue about the morality of it. But as it stands, people with lower incomes do not have much of a financial stake in what goes on in this country.
The Election Trade Is Not Stocks
As the polls skew more and more toward Joe Biden, bond investors are looking at the possibility of a vastly enlarged supply under his administration. More spending, more taxing, and more borrowing.
EC They're Just Messing With Us
Topping is a process, not a moment. If this really is the beginning of a bear market, valuations will compress.
1 to 16 of 56 Posts
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