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James Quinn is a senior director of strategic planning for a major university. James has held financial positions with a retailer, homebuilder and university in his almost 30-year career. Those positions included treasurer, controller, and head of strategic planning. He is married with three ... more


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Millionaires Are Investing Like A Market Bubble Is Here
Remember Warren Buffet’s famous axiom: “Be fearful when others are greedy.”
The Great Reset is already well underway and many of their objectives have been met, wholly or in part, thanks to COVID-19.
Fake Meat: Big Food's Attempt To Further Industrialize What We Eat
According to a new report, the levels of glyphosate detected in the Impossible Burger were 11.3 ppb, 11X higher than the Beyond Meat burger which tested at 1 ppb. Only 0.1 ppb of glyphosate has been shown to destroy gut bacteria.
Walmart Self-Checkout Machine Wins Employee Of The Month Award Again (Satire)
Humor of the day - A self-checkout machine at a local Walmart store was selected to be honored as the employee of the month for the fifty-second month in a row, sources confirmed Thursday.
The Custodial State
Technology is changing a key relationship in Western societies that seldom gets addressed.
Tesla Posts Record Loss – And Stock Price Goes Up!
Elon Musk’s Tesla (TSLA) just posted its biggest loss to date – $430 million in three months – but Tesla stock prices climbed 10 percent after the announcement. What to make of this?
Is The Media Deliberately Trying To Spawn Civil War 2.0?
Everyone is talking about a looming civil war on American soil, but they’re all blaming the “other” side. We need to ignore the media looking to stir things up. We can refuse to participate and take the bait - you don’t have to engage in the hate..
Funniest BLS Report Ever
Only a captured government drone could put out a report showing only 38K new jobs created, with the working age population rising by 205,000, and have the balls to report the unemployment rate plunged from 5.0% to 4.7%, the lowest since August 2007.
The Great Corporate Earnings Fraud
Dividends and stock buybacks in 2015 topped $1 trillion for the first time. Stock Buybacks and ex-items accounting gone wild.
Deranged Central Bankers And Their Consequences
The global economy has only deteriorated since mid-2014, with politicians and central bankers accelerating the issuance of debt.
Most Americans Hit "Peak Income" More Than 15 Years Ago
After adjusting for inflation, the majority of Americans are worse off today than they were decades ago.
The Fed Induced Farce
The minutes from the last Fed meeting were released on Wednesday afternoon.
Will The Law Of Supply & Demand Ever Matter Again?
The physical gold has flowed from West to East over the last few years. The price of gold has been driven to 5 year lows through the use of paper derivatives, as the physical supply isn’t keeping up with the demand by any stretch of the imagination.
Housing Bubble Part Deux
In a real free market would home prices go up by 30% while mortgage originations remained flat for the last four years?
Macy's Imploding, Catching Down To Sears & Penney's
About the resilient consumer and the tremendously low unemployment rate of 5%, maybe someone should tell Macy’s why their sales and profits continue to plummet.
When Is A Ceiling Not A Ceiling ?
When is a ceiling not a ceiling? When corrupt politicians do as they are told by their keepers on Wall Street and in the boardrooms of S&P 500 mega-corps.
1 to 16 of 182 Posts
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