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Professor of Law, University of Connecticut School of Law
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James Kwak is a professor of law at the University of Connecticut, the vice chair of the Southern Center for Human Rights, and a co-author of 13 Bankers and more


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The COVID-19 Economy: What Can We Do?
The COVID-19 pandemic will accelerate and reinforce the two primary economic trends of our time: consolidation and inequality.
COVID-19: Winners And Losers
The economy will not grow back up to its trend line prior to the pandemic.
Tax Rates And Entrepreneurship
Trump's suggested tax cut relies on a central claim: that reducing taxes on corporations and wealthy individuals will open the wellsprings of entrepreneurship and investment, turbocharging job growth and the American economy. But that's not true
Hey Democrats, The Problem Isn’t Jobs And Growth
The problem isn’t jobs and growth, it's inequality.
The Importance Of Fairness: A New Economic Vision For The Democratic Party
A lot has been written recently about the direction of the Democratic Party. This is what I think...
How Markets Work
The Congressional Budget Office’s assessment of the Republican health care plan, as passed in the House, is out. I want to discuss the role of markets in all of this, which I think is not fully understood.
Is Inequality Rising Or Falling?
Many are touting the claim that Obama has narrowed the income inequality gap, bolstered by charts and data. But does the argument ring true?
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