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Jake Huneycutt is a former L/S Portfolio Manager. He is a deep value investor. He is currently the Chief Content Creator for the data oriented website The New Madisonian. Jake holds an MBA degree with a concentration in finance from Emory University. He earned a Master of Accounting degree from ...more

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The Great Netflix Bubble
Netflix has extremely negative free cash flows and faces increasing content cost pressures. While revenue growth will continue to be strong, the stock is likely anywhere from 50% - 90% overvalued.
Range Resources: A Strong Buy In The Natural Gas E&P Space
Natural gas prices are at inflation-adjusted multi-decade lows. Low cost producers such as Range Resources (RRC) look very attractive right now on a risk-reward basis for long-term investors.
High-Quality Natural Gas E&Ps Are Strong Buys
Natural gas prices are now near inflation-adjusted multi-decade lows. Quality gas E&Ps are selling at depressed valuations. UPL, COG, AR, and RRC all look very attractive on a risk-reward basis for long-term investors willing to ride out the bumps.
How WHAS Explains Netflix’s Dominance (But The Stock Is Still Overpriced)
Netflix's dominant data advantage is turning into a "wide moat" business. In spite of its spectacular business model, however, the stock is too aggressively priced to be attractive for long-term investors.
Goodyear Tire: Outstanding Turnaround, Decent Buy
Strong management, improving financials, and good growth prospects make Goodyear an intriguing stock. Overall, it's a decent buy but lacks the margin of safety I prefer to give it a stronger endorsement.
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