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Options Trading For Value Investors
Most value investors would not consider options and options trading as part of their investing strategy, but here’s where and how options can fit in.
The Dividend Metrics That Matter
The COVID-19 virus that has overtaken the globe and sent countries into pure panic mode. Over the course of the past four weeks or so, this panic has sent the S&P 500 from a high of $3,393 down to a low of $2,192, a decrease of 35%.
Is Negative Equity Bad?
Is negative equity bad? Most of the time, yes! But not always. In fact, having negative equity can be a sign of an excellent company...
Best Books For Getting Started In Investing
If you’re just getting started, “best investment book” recommendation lists are way, way too long. Do you need to read them all? No, just start with these five...
Using Old School Value As A Reverse Stock Screener
Stock screeners are a really useful tool for finding and quickly evaluating new ideas. Reverse stock screeners help you take a list of specific stocks and compare them.
Margin Of Safety Saves The Day In A DCF Valuation Of Harley-Davidson
Harley-Davidson's stock is down 37% since 2007 to around $36, while the S&P 500 is up 100%.
Not So High On Skyworks (SWKS)
My major hang up with Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is its growth. Its 2018 fiscal year ended in September, with an annual revenue growth of 5.9%.
Market Observations And 4 Stocks To Review
While I don’t consider equities anywhere near cheap, the volatility is making things fun again.
3 Boring Companies Ready To Outperform
The higher the ratio, the more profit is being extracted off every dollar of assets. This ratio is a great way to quickly compare competitors within the same industry.
Do Value And Growth Stocks Exist?
Do value and growth stocks exist? Yes. Just not many in this market.
Don’t Buy Walmart
While Walmart is certainly investing heavily into expanding online sales, their main driver still comes through brick and mortar with a 4.5% increase in SSS comps. But Walmart is not cheap anymore.
Alibaba Is A No Brainer
China trade war talk obviously affects the day-to-day market and stock price, but it is mostly noise. If I look at Alibaba 5-10 years later, the future of the company only looks brighter.
How Texas Instruments Is Worth $126
Texas Instruments offers quality and growth at a fair price. The growth in their top segment of industrials and automotive is the key to their long-term business.
These 3 Stocks Have Richly Rewarded Shareholders
Sales growth is a key driver of long-term performance.
The Yellowstone Factor: Minimizing Downside Risk
The Yellowstone Factor in life and in the markets is a catastrophic event that is highly unlikely to happen but the probability of it happening is not 0%. The Yellowstone Factor alone implies that not a single business has a safe future.
Why This Is Not The Time To Buy Under Armour
Stock prices don’t indicate a business value, but in the case of Under Armour, the stock price is saying that issues exist.
1 to 16 of 79 Posts
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