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I am a 40 something personal investor. I work in the Internet space for a very well know company by day. At night I research and invest in the stock market; particularly options and dividend stocks. My day and night life do not intersect and this is why unlike some personal blogs about investing ... more

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L Brands - Investing In Underwear
Retail stocks are down, which has created several buying opportunities. L Brands stock is nearing its 52-week low. I took advantage of this and bought 100 shares and sold a covered call. L Brands pays a nice 5% plus dividend yield.
Flowers Foods Stock Buy
Flowers Foods is a producer of bakery products with a primary focus on bread. It operates 49 facilities (bakeries and warehouses) in the U.S., with the highest concentration in the southeast.
Visa Stock Buy
I finally added a stock I've watched for sometime. Visa is the undisputed leader in credit card transactions. Recent acquisition in Europe along with access to China have made this stock very attractive.
Stock Buy - Wells Fargo Bank
Wells Fargo Bank has had it tough so far this year. WFC stock is down 13.41% YTD. This price drop has led to a better yield. WFC is currently yielding 3.19%, which is high for a U.S. bank.
Stock Watch List - April 2016
The 12 stocks I'm watching in April.
Buy - Royal Bank Of Canada
Finding value in the current market has been difficult. It seems that most sectors are over-performing. I've decided to take advantage of financial sector softness, particularly in Canada. I'm buying Canadian Banks, RY, TD, and BNS.
My Portfolio Is Leaking Oil
My desire to get a deal has led to a top heavy portfolio full of oil and energy stocks. I've made a few moves to offset this imbalance.
My Portfolio Is Chugging Along With UNP
Railroad stocks have taken a beating due to energy sector shortcomings. This has led to great buying opportunities.
Travelers Companies - A Great Buy
Travelers Companies is one of the oldest insurance companies in the United States. Recent market dips have caused TRV stock to drop slightly which has created a buyers opportunity. I have made a purchase and analyzed TRV as an investment.
Averaging Down On Quality Stocks
Recent market downturns have created buying opportunities. There are many solid dividend-paying stocks currently trading below value. I have taken advantage of recent market dips to average down on two of my favorite stocks in my portfolio.
COPA Holdings: Investing In Emerging Markets
Copa Holdings is a well run Panamanian airline with international aspirations. Recent stock dips has created a great buyers opportunity for this high yielding dividend stock.
I'm Buying Wal-Mart Stock, Are You?
The major market correction that everyone has been anticipating has not arrived. However, a handful of quality stocks have adjusted and dipped to purchase levels. Wal-Mart stock is down more than 15% this year and is a good buy.
1 to 12 of 12 Posts