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I'm an entrepreneur, financial services specialist and investor based in London, UK. My primary focus is on systematic trading strategies, low volatility investing and tactical asset allocation.

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Utilities Stocks: Between Equities And Fixed Income
Last Friday utilities stocks plummeted 3.5% while broader stock market was little changed. This was a good example that utilities stocks act as a combination of stocks and bonds. Factor and correlation analyses confirm this notion.
Reducing The Cost Of An ETF Portfolio
It is a challenging task to choose the right fund from the ever-growing universe of ETFs. In some cases, there will be an alternative fund available with a lower expense ratio and comparable liquidity.
How To Effectively Replace Mutual Funds With ETFs In Your Portfolio
Measured replacement of mutual funds with ETFs is a move every investor should at least consider. For most mutual funds one can find a substitute ETF that closely matches its performance. This is how.
1 to 3 of 3 Posts