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Ian King is a prominent cryptocurrency trader and entrepreneur, with over two decades of experience in trading and analyzing the financial markets. His passion for the cryptoasset market is why he’s one of Investopedia’s top contributors on the subject — and why he created an ...more

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Is Dogecoin The Next Bitcoin?
The world’s 12th-largest cryptocurrency by market cap started as a complete joke.
Bitcoin Thrives Against All Odds
Launching a cryptocurrency is much harder than it appears, if not downright impossible. That’s why I believe bitcoin has reached these heights against all odds.
How To Beat The Crypto Scammers
It’s the 800-pound crypto gorilla in the room: crypto scams exist.
Bitcoin Investor Lost On Every Trade. Here’s Why
As bitcoin dropped by 50% late Tuesday afternoon, my friend made the same big mistake he keeps making … and he hasn’t learned from it yet.
Here Come The Cryptocorns
The speculation that investors can get in on the ground floor of the “next big thing” with cryptocurrencies is leading to price rises that markets have never witnessed in history.
Bitcoin: The End Of The Beginning
Bitcoin surged a mind-blowing 1,500% last year, leading many experts to call for “the end of bitcoin.” But this rally isn’t over yet. This isn’t the end; it’s only the end of the beginning for cryptocurrency markets.
1 to 6 of 6 Posts