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Broadsoft (BSFT) Still No Bargain At $9
The core question for Broadsoft investors to answer is to what extent they will be successful in building a business that is based on usage charges versus sales of their complex software and maintenance.
Revolve Group Spins The Fashion World
Our Present Future Value suggests new IPO Revolve shares should trade near $30 in the after-market. The valuation might be high for a “clothing company” but it’s low for a technology marketing company.
They've Highly Caffeinated Luckin Coffee
Luckin Coffee aims to be “the number 1 coffee company in China” and their staggering growth suggests they will get there. But will it be a pyrrhic victory?
Fastly Joins The New Enterprise SaaS Group
Although described as a CDN Fastly is really more like software-defined networking in the cloud.
Lyft Looks Like A Hot Mess
There’s been plenty written about the Lyft IPO scheduled to price Thursday after the close and open for trading on Friday.
Private Rail And The USA
Virgin Trains USA is planning a $500M IPO this week to become something of a private force in the build-out of private train systems in parts of the US.
New Fortress Energy Is A "Mini-LNG" Play
Natural gas has been growing rapidly as a fuel of choice for generating electricity and also for powering vehicles and industrial projects.
Legacy Housing Corporation Is A Good Old Fashioned Business
Legacy is small and has exercised excellent control of their own destiny. From a smaller base, Legacy has an easier time growing and they have been very effective at generating returns on capital.
MOGU Is Meh At Best
MOGU is a deal that feels a little desperate even with bulge bracket bankers like Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse
Money Is A YETI 110 Iced Down With Some Silver Bullets
YETI Holdings will be coming public this week (prices Wednesday) and promises to be one of the next public niche consumer brands like Duluth Holdings and Canada Goose.
Your Father’s Enterprise SaaS Company
SolarWinds will be returning to the public markets this week.
Weaponized Analytics?
Anaplan has taken $300M to build a product sophisticated enough to handle the kind of large and complex planning requirements of enterprise customers in the high end of the Global 2000.
Super Elastic Bubble Plastic
The Elastic IPO will price tonight. The price was bumped up to $33-35 but given the company position in software infrastructure, the shares should still perform well from that level.
Ask The Monkey
The much-anticipated SurveyMonkey IPO should do well as the fundamentals are good and investors are loving the SaaS space right now.
FarFetch is another online platform for "luxury goods" is preparing to test the IPO market this week.
Funko Pops
As a company Funko has grown from $107M in revenues in 2014 to $600M this year while being profitable and increasing margins along the way.
1 to 16 of 122 Posts
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