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Daily Market Forecast Based On a Predictive Algorithm

I Know First is a financial services firm that utilizes an advanced self-learning algorithm to analyze, model and predict the stock market.
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Empire & Puzzles Acquisition Likely To Increase Zynga’s Net Income By 100% Or More
Zynga’s average monthly revenue based on its quarterly report is only $74.25 million. Its recent acquisition of Small Giant Games can boost its monthly revenue by $16 million (+21.5%).
Amazon Stock Prediction For 2019: Two Emerging Important Tailwinds For Amazon
Taking a contrarian view and buying AMZN while it trades below $1,400 could possibly turn out judicious. On the other hand, AMZN has negative market forecasts.
The Cloud Dream Drives Amazon Surge
Sustainable growth despite the intense competition.
Qualcomm Heavily Investing In Technological Breakthroughs
QCOM releases the first high-performance processor, marking the new era of economics and energy efficiency for operating a data center.
Netflix Stock Predictions: Strong International Subscriber Growth Is Why Netflix Is A Buy
Netflix enjoys a stratospheric valuation when compared to other technology tickers. Like Amazon and Facebook, Netflix is a growth-driven company. Unlike Amazon though, Netflix has made a successful global expansion.
Machine Learning Trading: AI-Based Systematic Trading Strategies – Suitable For Mutual Funds And Other Investment Vehicles (S&P 500 Stocks Universe)
Recent developments on the utilization of I Know First’s AI-based forecasting signals for trading are presented. These are highly performing and scalable strategies, suitable for mutual fund products and other investment vehicles.  
Apple Stock News: New Record For Apple
Apple Looking to achieve $1 trillion in market capitalization.
Gold News: Declines Turning Around Into A New Week
Gold has been decreasing due to expectation of Fed hiking up interest rates, easing of geopolitical tension, and the first round result of the French election. However, gold has started to regain its losses.
Stock Predictions AI-Based Systematic Trading Strategies (S&P 500 Stocks) – Suitable For Mutual Funds And Other Investment Vehicles
As a continuation of our back-test report series, previously focused on daily trading, recent developments on the utilization of I Know First’s AI-based forecasting signals for less frequent systematic trading are presented in this article.
AMD Stock Prediction: Protecting Its Graphics Patents Is Important For AMD
AMD has filed patent infringement complaints against LG Electronics, MediaTek and Vizio. AMD claims those three companies are using/licensing GPU designs from ARM Holdings. A more aggressive monetization of AMD patents is one way to raise new money.
Best Dividend Stocks: Background On Dividend Stocks And A Top Dividend Choice
Investors seeking dividend stocks should understand the risk-reward payoff from the dividend payments. Though they may seem attractive, double taxation and the non-reinvestment into a firm’s operations, are huge risks associated with them.
Lack Of Serious Competition Will Allow Adobe To Fly Higher This Year
Adobe already posted a Year-to-Date gain of more than 9%. However, I expect this software subscription leader’s stock to go higher. Lack of serious competition to the Creative Cloud suite software allows Adobe to remain ultra-dominant.
Best Stocks Of 2016
I Know First's self-learning algorithm uses neural networks to forecast over 3000 underlying financial assets. Below are the top performing equities predicted by the algorithm throughout 2016.
Blackberry Stock Forecast: Not A Promising Road Ahead
The time where Blackberries dominated the smartphone market has simply come and gone, with iPhones and Androids stepping in to take the place of the once popular device. Now that the Q3 earnings are out, what does I Know First predict for Blackberry?
AMD Stock Analysis: New Products Creating New Investment Opportunities
More recently, AMD just released the Radeon RX 480 which boasts the companies anticipated Polaris architecture. Polaris is AMD's first next generation 14nm 3D FinFET process.
FMCC Stock Analysis: FMCC Up 68.54% In The Last Month
FMCC stock’s price rose 68.54% in 1 month. This, in a large part, is due to the results of the U.S. elections.
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