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Hubert is an independent gold and silver analyst who specializes in fractal analysis and the fundamentals of gold and silver . Hubert is the owner of HGM and Associates and HGM Research. Hubert’s work is regularly published in the premier gold and silver publications.


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Silver Is Close To Something Big
There is a sense that we are close to a significant move in silver. The current season since August 2020 till now, is shaping up in a similar manner to the season of August 2019 to February/March 2020.
Silver Now In Line To Hammer The US Dollar?
It is still all about US dollar Meltdown. All the assets that act as a safe-haven from US dollar meltdown are taking their turn to hammer the US Dollar.
Bitcoin Following Silver
BTC still has some room to go higher it seems.
Silver Is Still Following Bitcoin Higher
Silver is still lagging below the recent high, and will eventually follow Bitcoin higher than point 3 in this comparison.
Is Silver Leading Bitcoin Or Is Bitcoin Leading Silver?
Is silver leading Bitcoin or is Bitcoin leading silver? Well, it depends on which time framing one is looking at.
It Has Been Decided: Silver Is Going Much Higher
The currency markets have just announced what is coming for silver.
Gold And Crypto: Is This How Charts Look Before A Monetary Collapse?
It is the massive debt. It cannot be serviced. It will collapse the whole system.
A Big Move In Silver: Watch The Currency Markets
The USD/ZAR chart has been a good predictor for silver rallies. Similar to the US Dollar index, but a bit more accurate or precise. Very important silver bottoms tend to coincide with tops of the USD/ZAR chart.
Gold Is Doing It Again
Gold is trading really close to its 2011 all-time high. This is obviously a critical level for the future of gold prices.
Get The Big Prize For Silver
We have to keep our eyes on the bigger economic cycle. It helps in maintaining a proper perspective, and putting more emphasis on the bigger prize rather than the day to day movements.
Silver Ready To Go Parabolic In ZAR?
Often a rising wedge type of pattern appears just before price goes parabolic. Yes, not all rising wedges are bearish.
End Of Fiat: It Is Evident In The Gold, Silver And Crypto Charts
We are at the end of the fiat debt-based monetary system. It is becoming clear that the system is in collapse due to the enormous debt load.
What The 1987 Crash Reveals About Silver Today
It took silver almost a decade to surpass the high at the red line, after touching it in 1987. However, in the current pattern, it has already cleared the high at the red line (only months after touching it).
Gold A.D. – Death Of The Dollar
Today, if gold had the same kind of performance as the Dow since around the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, then it would have topped out at around $7 758 [(29568/78.78)*20.67]. Yet, it only has an all-time high of about $2 089.
Is Gold Price Action Warning Of Imminent Monetary Collapse 2?
During the 2008 financial crisis, the Fed significantly increased the US monetary base to keep the system from collapse. They are currently in a similar situation and have done (is doing) the exact same thing.
How Silver Could Surpass Its All-Time High
If silver had the same kind of performance as the Dow since around the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913, then it would have topped out at $225.2.
1 to 16 of 111 Posts
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