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Hubert is an independent gold and silver analyst who specializes in fractal analysis and the fundamentals of gold and silver . Hubert is the owner of HGM and Associates and HGM Research. Hubert’s work is regularly published in the premier gold and silver publications.


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Sustained Silver Rally Coming?
Silver is still in consolidation mode since early September, but it appears ready to rally over a sustained period of time.
The Dow Points To Higher Silver Prices For Years To Come
The Dow is at, or very close to a 90-year resistance line. Could a top be in, or is it extremely close?
Silver Cannot Be Demonetised No More
Ammunition to keep silver prices low is virtually depleted.
This Will Signal A Massive Gold Stocks Rally
Gold stocks are often cited as recession proof stocks. Although this has not always been true, they do tend to rise when the economy is in a recessions and/or when the general stock market is in decline or showing relatively little gains.
Silver Could Be Close To An Important Resolution
Silver is still in consolidation mode since early September, but could be close to a resolution.
There Is Still Time To Get Silver
Silver appears to be very close to an even bigger move higher. Most of the hard work of the double-bottom since 2015 is done.
Gold Stocks Bull : DRD Gold
Gold Stocks are confirming this Gold Bull Market.
Favorable Conditions Are Likely To Propel Silver Much Higher
With the significant decline in the US Monetary Base since 2016, there are some serious threats facing the monetary system.
Gold, Credit And The Coming Financial Collapse
Since 2016, the US Monetary Base has declined by about 23.68%. This is the deepest and longest decline since the Federal Reserve was formed. This should not be ignored.
Silver And The Yield Curve Inversion
Yield curve inversions have historically been great for silver prices. Currently, we are experiencing such a phenomenon, and again it is evidence of conditions that are conducive to some impressive silver rallies.
Silver Is Still A Must-Buy At These Levels
We are coming into the traditional season for intense silver rallies. With silver recently making a really important breakout, things are setting up for a memorable period in the silver markets.
Silver Is Ready To Take Out Key Levels
Silver is now ready to follow gold and successfully signal its bull market. In fact, it is important that silver do so, in order to provide another confirmation that gold’s recent rally is “real”.
Silver Setting Up 70s Style Rally In The Midst Of Financial Collapse?
We are currently at an important point of the economic cycle. The end or peak of debt-based assets, and the significant appreciation of real assets like gold and silver.
Why The Coming Silver Rally Might Be The Greatest
The current silver rally has the best ingredients to be the most explosive silver rally for the last 100 years.
Gold Price Analysis 2019: Who Is Lying: Gold Or The Dow?
Both Gold and the Dow has in recent times made significant bull market signals.
This Needs To Happen Before Silver Really Takes Off
Significant nominal peaks in the price of silver tend to come after significant nominal peaks in the Dow as well as Dow/Gold ratio peaks.
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