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Hindsight 2020
2020 has been a difficult year to navigate, and not just in the financial markets.
Get Ready For Bull Steepening
Like all markets the treasury market is highly cyclical. The yield curve undulates from steep to flat as the underlying economic environment waxes and wanes.
Yield Curve Inversion Has Investors In A Tizzy
Yield curve inversion is a warning sign. It does not guarantee recession nor does it mean corporate earnings are going to fall off a cliff.
Duration Is Not Defensive
The playbook for asset allocators and risk parity funds for a growth slowdown is to have exposure to longer-dated treasuries which, in theory, should perform well in a risk-off environment
Yield Curve Inversion Puts Bull Markets At Risk
Ignore yield curve inversion at your own peril.
The Fed Pivot
We are preparing for a recession, but the lack of systemic risk and consumer and corporate credit health lead us to believe that the next recession might be a shallow one.
Rates Are In The Driver’s Seat
The third quarter was relatively benign for financial assets as volatility remained subdued, equity markets grinded towards new all-time highs and interest rates steadily tracked higher.
The Trending Fed
Trending markets and economies are not held hostage to time limits. Picking tops and recession forecasting is often a recipe for failure.
Being QE-Easy Could Make The FX Market Puke
The Japanese economy is not doomed by any means. Corporations and consumers will re-leverage when the time is right.
The United States Is Becoming More Normal
Forward projections issued by Federal Reserve members after the June meeting sparked broad criticism for its “hawkish” guidance.
Relative Value Says 3% Won’t Hold
A number of fund managers have indicated that a 3% yield on the ten-year yield is where they would increase treasury positions.
Volatility Is Back
The most profitable trades of 2017 are suddenly not working.
Volatility Is Back!
Investors have been caught off-guard with the recent spike in volatility as the most successful strategy of the last decade, selling volatility, unwinds.
Don’t Fear Headlines, Fear Rates
Dovish Central Bank policy for the last thirty years has been a response to the demographic and globalization impulses that have driven persistent low wage growth, disinflation, low investment spending, and a savings glut.
Central Banks Are Waking Up
Central Banks are slowly waking up to the fact that they cannot fix structural economic issues. In fact, evidence from the great monetary experiment of the last decade, indicates that they probably enhance them.
Breadth And Taxes
Donald Trump made headlines last week with his suggestion that a proposal for tax-reform is on the immediate horizon, and that it would be nothing short of “phenomenal.”
1 to 16 of 16 Posts