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EC Qualifying And Quantifying Current Equity Market Risks
The best way to manage stock market risks, besides constantly evaluating the underlying facts supporting them, is to monitor the technical condition, which is robustly bullish.
Weekly Capital Markets Technical Analysis Summary: June 2, 2017
US Equity indexes continued to make new highs, with exception of the Transports which are attempting a key bullish reversal after a recent price correction.
Tuesday’s Markets Pause For The Fed’s Cause
The markets appear to have hit the pause button as they await the outcome of today’s start of the FOMC’s 2-day meeting and this Sunday’s presidential election in France.
Despite Fed’s “Last Call”, US Stocks Advance On ECB’s QE After-Party
US stocks continued advancing despite the Fed’s having given several “last calls” in preparation to shut down this party. The Dow-30 Industrials, SP-500, and Russell-2000 made new record highs.
High P/E Market Valuations Misleading Trump’s Chumps
Today I will address the high P/E market valuations, which I believe may be misleading US stock investors into being Trump’s chumps.
One Trillion Dollars Is Trump Change For The Markets
Today, CNBC reported that the combined increase for the S&P 500 Large-caps, S&P 400 Mid-caps and S&P 600 Small-caps has been over $1 Trillion since the US 2016 presidential election. That’s not chump change gentle readers. That’s Trump change!
Strong GDP & Consumer Confidence Help US Equities Rebound
All the major US equity indexes- e.g. SP-500, Nasdaq-100 and Dow-30 Industrials -rebounded from yesterday’s losses. The one lone exception was the Russell-2000, which is beginning to negatively diverge from the broader markets.
Russell 2000 ETF Market Shows Weaker Stock Investor Appetite
Investors appeared to show signs of a sated appetite for US equities. Small-cap stocks, as represented by the Russell-2000, fared 3 to 4 times worse than their larger-cap brethren.
Gold Bulls Punked On Fears Of Fundamentally Stronger US Dollar
Gold bulls have been retreating in earnest over the last two months. The rally in Gold, when compared to performance of a fundamentally stronger US Dollar, appears to have been more of a short-term cyclical event.
Post-Thanksgiving ETF Investment Market Summary
At some point, investors will have their fill of stocks and undergo a bad case of indigestion when it comes to reconciling the differences between expectations and reality.
View From The Hill: 5 Fundamental Perceptions Raising Trump’s Market Reality Ratings
With exception to the Nasdaq-100, the Dow-30 Industrials, SP-500 and Russell-2000 continue to make new highs. Unlike most of the international markets, US stocks are trending upward and displaying remarkable relative strength.
Trump-Fed Market Momentum Will Eventually Wane
The bullish momentum in the US Dollar (UUP) and Russell-2000 Small-Caps (IWM) continues, while investors rush for the exits on longer-term Treasury bonds (TLT).
US Stock Market Momentum Positive Despite Yellen Testimony
In prepared testimony before the JEC (Joint Economic Committee) of Congress, Fed Chair Yellen confirmed a bias towards tightening monetary policy at the central bank’s upcoming December meeting.
US Dollar Index Planning Breakout From Secular Resistance Levels?
The secular bear market for the US Dollar Index concluded towards the end of 3Q-2015. At this juncture, a new bullish trend was initiated.
ETF Market View: Market Continues To Trend Upward On Trump’s Policy Proposals
Today’s economic backdrop of a stronger than expected Retail Sales report in October-2016 gives a data dependent Fed more justification to raise rates.
Breakout Of 10-Year Treasury Rates Bears Down On Bond Markets
We have seen many rallies and sell-offs in bonds over the last several years.
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