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I have over 20 years of experience with the world financial markets. As an analyst, I covered all the major markets using fundamental, technical and quantitative analysis. Today my focus is on the US stock market.

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Pending Correction In VLG Index
I think some type of a consolidation or correction is on the horizon, whether it takes place through price or time.
Nasdaq 100 Index Probably Heading Lower
The overall pattern now looks more bearish to me and I think the index will head lower at least over the next few days.
Nasdaq 100 Index At A Critical Juncture
A strong close below 11.000 could send the index further down.
Strong Push Up In The S&P 500 Index
New 30-week highs for the S&P 500.
Target For The S&P 500 Index Has Been Hit
A monthly close above 3.047 would be very bullish ...
S&P 500 Index Close To Long Term Fib Target
The S&P 500 benchmark index is 40 points away from 2.618% fib extension. The trend is clearly up with a rising moving average line under the index levels.
Overheated Housing Markets - Part 5
The six economies are particularly vulnerable to higher interest rates ...
Overheated Housing Markets - Part 4
Housing prices in Iceland up 100% since early 2010.
Overheated Housing Markets - Part 3
Housing markets in Canada and Iceland overvalued based on price-to-rent ratios.
Overheated Housing Markets - Part 2
All six indices show overheated housing markets ...
Overheated Housing Markets
The economies of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden, although geographically dispersed, share a few characteristics.
Is Gold Price Ready To Take Off?
Latest gold price rally promising for gold bulls.
Value Line Geometric Index Looking Bullish
The Index has risen through the 517 resistance level and if it can close convincingly above the 530 level, then I think it has a good chance to rise further up to at least the 570-580 level over the next weeks.
Home Construction Stocks Showing Relative Strength
Home Construction stocks doing better than the broad market.
Home Construction Index Down 42% From Its December 2017 High
Selling pressure in the stock market...
Lead-Lag Roles Of The Financial And Energy Sectors
Historically, the financial sector has been a leading sector or first to move while the energy sector has been a lagging sector or last to move - both in up trends and down trends. The financial sector index topped out in late January.
1 to 16 of 35 Posts
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