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Fed Never Correctly Predicts Big Downturns
Inflation will be coming down, and when it does, look for the Fed to change course on raising interest rates.
Massive Central Bank Ponzi Creates Permanent Distortion
The reason why there is so much uncertainty and chaos in the global economy comes down to one simple theme: whenever there is real crisis, the FED prints money... a lot of money, at Ponzi scheme levels.
Fed Will Drive Gold To New All-Time Highs In 2021 – Craig Hemke
 Gold will go to new all-time highs at some point, and silver is going to participate too.
Steering Towards A Cliff Edge – Chris Martenson
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Chris Martenson. The Federal Reserve is busy enshrining and ensuring that we have the largest and steepest wealth pyramid we have ever seen. . .
Inflationary Depression Coming
Money printing by the Fed and Congress is off the charts. The Federal Reserve doubled its balance sheet in a matter of months, and Congress is pumping out trillions of dollars in spending bills to fight the economic crisis caused by Covid 19.
Global Monetary System, As You Know It, Ended
On April 21, oil went to $0 per barrel, and the contract for oil expired at around -$37 per barrel. Bo Polny says, “That is a more important event than the stock market.
China Virus Overblown, Debt Driven Bailout, Crash Not Over
A dozen top medical and research professionals around the world are questioning the extreme response around the globe to the so-called coronavirus.
Global Financial System Broken & Bankrupt – Egon Von Greyerz
More than a year and a half ago, Financial and precious metals expert Egon von Greyerz warned that “risk is exponential and unmeasurable” because of the estimated two quadrillion of derivatives and debt in the global financial system.
Fed Cannot Stop Money Printing – Craig Hemke
Craig Hemke says, unlike the other times, this time, the Fed will not be able to stop the money printing.
China Now In Dollar Bear Trap – Catherine Austin Fitts
Catherine Austin Fitts likes gold as an investment because inflation is already here and is not going away anytime soon.
Ignoring Dire Economic Warning Signs
On the surface, everything looks to be going swimmingly for the U.S. economy. The rest of the world may not be doing as well as the U.S., but according to the legacy financial media, there is no real trouble being reported.
Fed Panics & Starts Massive Money Printing – Michael Pento
Economist Michael Pento says the recent about face in Fed policy with cutting rates and new QE (money printing) means only one thing...
Global Debt Bubble A Gigantic Time Bomb – Peter Schiff
The Federal Reserve has already started a new money printing program that continues to expand the debt bubble and keep global markets propped up.
Trump Guilty Until Proven Innocent, Mexico Tariffs, Crop Crisis
Like a supernova flaming out, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller announced he’s closing his office and stepping down.
Marc Faber: Recession Started Last Year; Money Printing Coming
Legendary contrarian investor Dr. Marc Faber says forget about the coming slowdown because the economy has already been backing up for months.
Trend Is Clear – Rapid Decline Of World Economy
The trend is clear. We know that the world economy is in a mess. It’s going to decline, and it’s going to be a rapid decline.
1 to 16 of 28 Posts