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Great investments are built on owning great companies for the long-term (3+ years).

We try to identify those great companies by looking for 3 key characteristics:

  1. Does it have good revenue growth prospects?
  2. Do its customers pay it over and ... more

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Irobot: Is The Robotic Vacuum Enough?
iRobot has succeeded with its market-leading Roomba robotic vacuum, but the company's long-term success depends on expanding into recurring revenue sources and new robotic applications.
Editas Medicine: CRISPR Gene Editing Leader
Editas is focused on the CRISPR gene-editing technology, which promises solutions to hereditary and chronic diseases. An exciting story, but is it investable?
Ulta Beauty: Aging But Still Attractive
Ulta Beauty is the largest pure play beauty products retailer in the U.S. As retailers go, it is a good one, but is there still upside in an investment today?
Microstrategy: Falling Behind In The BI Game
MicroStrategy was an early leader in business intelligence analytics, but has fallen far behind the new wave of cloud-based solutions.
Euronet: The Move Away From Physical Payments Hurts
Euronet operates ATMs, POS terminals, the Ria money transfer service, and ePay - a collection of mostly physical location payment services. Is this still a good business post-COVID?
General Motors: End Of The Road?
GM, once one of the titans of American industry, has found itself struggling in the always cutthroat automotive industry. Is there any juice left in this lemon?
Digital Turbine: An Ad Platform For App Makers
Digital Turbine makes software for Android smartphones that allows app makers to pay to be pre-loaded onto devices. Does this business have a future?
Netflix: The King Of Streaming Faces Challengers
Netflix has long been king in consumer video content streaming. Can it maintain its leadership against a new wave of very capable challengers?
Zendesk: A SaaS Solution For Customer Support
Zendesk provides a simple cloud-based solution for customer support tasks. Is this another winner in the SaaS "gold rush"?
Splunk: Riding The Trends Of Modern Business
Splunk is a key SaaS monitoring tool, an interesting play on modern business trends towards e-commerce, WFH, and on-demand anything.
Dicks Sporting Goods: Just Too Much Competition
Dick's Sporting Goods is one of the last sporting good stores left, but substantial competition and few growth avenues make it an undesirable investment.
What Recurring Revenue Really Means
Recurring revenue is one of the "holy trinity" of characteristics for picking long-term winners in the stock market. But what is it?
TJX: A Rare Attractive Physical Retail Stock
TJX runs over 4,500 brand name discount stores under TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods banners. Why this model stands out from most physical retail chains.
EC Why Unique Assets Are A Great Competitive Advantage
Unique assets such as control of natural resources or limited talent are yet another form of economic moat. Here's why.
L Brands: A Sexy Stock, Or Smelly One?
L Brands owns intimates maker Victoria's Secret, and candle/fragrance store Bath and Body Works. Is this a sexy investment opportunity, or does it just stink?
Why Switching Costs Are Good For Business
High switching costs make customers less likely to take their business elsewhere. Investors should look for "stickiness" as a powerful form of economic moat.
1 to 16 of 29 Posts
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