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Author, Blogger, Filmmaker, Strategic Planner
Gonzalo Lira has had a varied career as a novelist, screenwriter, film producer and director, venture capitalist, and economic blogger. Educated at Dartmouth College, he has lived throughout the United States, Europe, and South America. In 2014, The Daily Reckoning ranked him number five of their ...more


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Moral Normcore
“Normcore” is a label for the current fashion trend of wearing undistinctive, unremarkable clothing—but the word itself is exploding across the American zeitgeist. Somehow, people sense that the word describes more than just fashion...
The Twitter In The Coalmine: The End Of Asset Price Inflation?
So Twitter (TWTR) released some user figures, and they are not good. Bottom line, the company is losing money, and its user-base is shrinking—which is why the stock took an 11% tumble in after-hours trading as I write these words. Twitter’s stock has fallen nearly 50% in four months.
Only In America, Part I
The New York Times has a front-page story about how Federal prosecutors are getting tough on the banksters. The headline: “Long Seen As Immune, Two Wall Street Banks Become Targets”. But let's take a closer look...
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