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Rare Earths Sector ETF (REMX) Booming Again On Trade War With China
Remember that REMX hit a high above $100 back during the last crisis in 2011 ... now it's trading under $15.
Get Out Of Crypto Cannabis Bubble Before It Pops And Move Into Bargain Basement Miners
In 2008, the US banks were on the verge of collapse, since that time the Fed has tried every effort to protect the economy with easy money policies.The result since 2008 has been remarkably effective. But for every action there is a reaction.
Ready For New Year 2017 Massive Rally In Precious Metals And Junior Miners
The Trump presidential election win has pushed capital into a major risk on rally, benefiting stocks, energy, and the US dollar.
Seasonality Favors Precious Metals And Junior Miners Going Into Year End
Gold and silver could once again be ready to rally possibly starting in days or in the beginning of 2017.
Precious Metals Entering, Stocks And Bonds Exiting Bull Market
The Fed raising rates could be good for precious metals as investors may finally rotate out of overvalued stocks in search for equities backed by precious metals.
Gold Maintains Value Despite Oil And Stock Market Crash
Investors should analyze 2016 year to date action as it is generally a good predictor of how the year will look.
How Much Longer Will Rising US Dollar Crush Commodities And Mining Equities?
The best protection right now is to stick to undervalued assets in energy and mining and to avoid the momentum trap in the over-inflated S&P 500, US Dollar and Treasury Bonds.
Are The Junior Gold Miners (GDXJ) On The Verge Of A Major Breakout At $23?
Junior gold miners may be on the verge of a major breakout past three month highs after The Federal Reserve continues to push back interest rate increases.
Time For Copper And Industrial Metals To Hit Bottom?
The call of a bottom in copper and industrial metals could be confirmed by the recent news that Glencore is cutting global production of zinc. Copper and nickel could be next.
10 Reasons Why Junior Miners Could Come Back Into Favor In 2016
Here are ten reasons why I believe gold, silver, commodities and especially junior miners may be the best place to be over the next 3-5 years.
Niocorp’s Nebraska Niobium Deposit Could Generate Cash Flow For Over Three Decades
There is no doubt about it but Niocorp made investors a lot of money in 2014. It increased 400% in 2014 and was the top performer on the TSX Venture and on the OTCQX.
Two Junior Miners In Alaska Highlighted On US Senate Floor For Their Strategic Importance
For weeks I have highlighted Graphite One and Ucore Rare Metals as strategic mineral projects for the future of US mineral independence.
Where Is Tesla Going To Get The Lithium And Graphite For The “Gigafactory”?
Tesla's big move in batteries means it has to get raw materials somewhere...
Alamos/Aurico Billion Dollar Merger Shines Light On Canadian Small Cap Junior Gold Miner Breaking Out
It is my belief that Carlisle and/or Aurico could be offered competing bids. If not Carlisle’s Lynn Lake should be a main priority for the newly merged entity.
India’s Deal With Canada Could Spark Uranium Mining Rebound
There could be a coming spike in the uranium price. Investors should look at the uranium miners ETF (URA), low cost producers such as Cameco (CCJ) and Uranerz (URZ), which is merging with Energy Fuels (UUUU).
Trend Change? Gold Breaks Out Above 200 Day Moving Average
Gold breaks out above 200 day moving average as Swiss let Franc float higher. Europeans appear to be seeking out gold as a safe refuge.
1 to 16 of 24 Posts
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