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Stephen Flood is the CEO of GoldCore, an international bullion dealers with over 4,000 clients in over 40 countries and with over $205 million in assets under management and storage.

He is a former Wall Street equity trader and FinTech expert. He has been involved in the precious ... more


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Demand For Gold Is Expected To Grow Exponentially In 2021
Total gold demand in the first quarter of 2021 was down 4%. However, because gold production and gold demand (jewellery, bar and coin etc.) are decentralized around the globe, and no one ever has a complete picture of all transactions.
Marriage Of Gold And Cryptocurrencies: A New Future?
The debate between relatively new digital cryptocurrencies versus ‘tried and true’ gold has dominated most precious metals related websites. But what if gold and cryptocurrencies were combined?
Why Is Silver Outperforming Gold?
This time last year is when government-mandated COVID-19 lockdowns swept through Europe and the Americas. At the time, the lockdowns were widely expected to only last for several weeks.
ETF Gold Demand Soars While Consumer Demand Slows
ETF gold demand from investors has soared over the past year.
How Central Banks Create Money Out Of Nothing
Central bank meetings over this week and next week will almost certainly be centered around what approach the central banks should take regarding rising government bond yields.
How High Is Too High For Rising Government Bond Yields?
The two-day rise in the gold price of more than US$50 fizzled out on Tuesday. The gold price is down about 7% (in US dollar terms) since its year-to-date high set on January 6.
Gold, The Tried-and-True Inflation Hedge For What’s Coming!
Massive fiscal and monetary stimulus has been pumped into economies around the world to help ease the economic devastation for both individuals and businesses.
Is Bitcoin The Model-T Of Money?
Bitcoin is to money what the Model-T was to the car industry. On launch, it was revolutionary, thought-provoking, and capable of delivering profound efficiencies. But in time, it was surpassed by new and improved versions.
Gold To $2,300 And Silver To $35 By Year End – 2021, The Year The Barometer Explodes?
As the current wave of COVID-19 strongly takes hold, it has devastated the lives of individuals and created an uneasiness not just in individuals, but also in financial markets.
Prepare For ‘No-Deal Brexit’ – Own Physical Gold To Protect Your Wealth
The Brexit deadline of December 31st, the date beyond which the transition or implementation period cannot be extended, now looms large and the dreaded “No-Deal” Brexit outcome looks increasingly possible by the day.
Gold And Silver To Explode Higher Regardless Of The US Election Result?
After pulling back from its all-time high of approx. $2,065, gold has consolidated and seems to have formed a nice base. It has been trading in a range between approximately $1,860 and $1,930, with the lower support level proving strong.
Is The US Election The “Cork In The Bottle” For Gold And Silver?
Republicans and Democrats continue to play the “will they, won’t they?” game over another stimulus package in a Covid19 ravaged US economy.
Where Next For Gold & Silver
Markets have struggled to find a clear direction as they attempt to digest US election news, debate performance, the impact of increased Covid-19 restrictions in many countries, and vaccine news.
Heavy Metal Selling
Precious metals will always be vulnerable to the sell-offs in the broader markets in the short term but this can present opportunities for the shrewd investor.
Gold Is Looking Strong As It Tests Resistance
Since it’s sell-off from it’s early August high, gold has been stuck in an ever decreasing range.
Gold Tops $1,800/oz To Highest Level Since September 2011; Up Nearly 20% In 2020
Spot gold has risen to above $1,802/oz today for the first time since September 2011, taking year to date 2020 gains to 20%.
1 to 16 of 256 Posts
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