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We are a small group of investors who primarily invest our own funds in various trading opportunities. We first traded gold back in 1980 when our charts consisted of simple graphs updated manually on a daily basis for the calculation of moving averages, etc. These days you can find moving ... more


In The Year 2025 If Fiat Currency Can Survive
Fiat currencies may not survive the near future so protect yourself now by protecting at least some of your buying power for your future needs.
The Markets And The US Dollar Lose Their Shine As Gold Starts To Glitter
The environment for investors has suddenly sailed into stormy waters with billions of dollars being wiped off stock exchanges across the world.
SSR Mining Inc: Sparkling Q3 Results Make This Stock A Buy
SSR Mining Inc. is a well-managed company and has beaten guidance on a number of occasions.
Precious Metal Stocks Are Not An Investment They Are A Speculation
Precious metals such as physical gold and physical silver are an investment and can be acquired and held for long periods of time.
Wheaton Precious Metals Corporation: On The Up
This company is one of the largest precious metals streaming companies in the world and should do very well once both gold and silver rally in earnest.
In The Event Of A Fiat Currency Collapse Would Gold Rocket?
One of the reasons given for allocating a portion of one’s investment assets to the precious metals sector such as physical gold is that gold can be considered as an insurance policy against the devaluation of paper money.


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The Carnage In The Gold Sector Could Be Over
3 years ago

After such a battering we do tend to feel rather negative, but corrections are healthy even though they are hard to take.

My very humble opinion is that we are in a long term bull market for #gold and so I'm not selling any of my positions at the moment.

Go gently, Bob K

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ABX Barrick Gold Corporation
AEM Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited
AG First Majestic Silver Corp.
AUY Yamana Gold Inc.
CCJ Cameco Corporation
DNN Denison Mines Corp
EWU iShares MSCI United Kingdom Index Fund
EXK Endeavour Silver Corp.
SSRI (see SSRM) Silver Standard Resources, Inc
UDN PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bearish Fund
URG UR-Energy Inc
USDU WisdomTree Bloomberg USD Bullish ETF Fund
UUP PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish Fund
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